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[′präk·sē ‚sər·vər] (computer science) Software for caching and filtering Web information on intranets to minimise network traffic and improve security by filtering content and limiting access.

Another prominent tool used by cybercriminals to mask their trails is the Onion Router (TOR). To put it another way, the Tor network sounds like a proxy on steroids. To provide a high level of anonymity, the network will bounce your connection across numerous points.

Proxy hacking is a type of cyber assault that involves replacing an authentic webpage in a search engine's index and search results pages with a fake one in order to generate traffic to an impostor site. In the worst-case scenario, an attacker could utilise proxy hacking to infect the victim's machine with malware or other infections.

Proxy servers operate as a firewall and web filter, as well as providing shared network connections and caching data in order to speed up common requests. Users and the internal network are safeguarded by a good proxy server from the evil things that lives out in the wild internet.

So, while the proxy server is the server that really sends your data, anonymizer is simply the moniker given to the internet service in general. To provide anonymity, an anonymizer makes use of underlying proxy servers.

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