Course Content

Course Content


  • Black Hat: Criminal Hackers.
  • Authorized Hackers (White Hat).
  • Grey Hat Hackers: "Just for Laughs"
  • Script Kiddies: Ametuer Hackers.
  • Green Hat: Hackers-in-Training.
  • Authorized Software Hackers (Blue Hat).
  • Red Hat: Hackers Hired by the Government

White hat hackers, often known as "ethical hackers" or "good hackers," are the polar opposite of black hat hackers. They take advantage of computer systems or networks in order to identify security issues and give recommendations for improvement.

Someone who targets Linux systems is known as a red hat hacker. Red hats, on the other hand, have been labelled as vigilantes. Red hats aim to disarm black hats in the same way as white hats do, but their methods are vastly different.

BlueHat (as a single noun) refers to a certain type of hacker. The term refers to computer security businesses that are contracted to evaluate a system before it is released. Microsoft is well-known for hiring BlueHat security researchers to evaluate their Windows products for flaws.

Gray hat hackers use a combination of black hat and white hat tactics. Gray hat hackers frequently probe a system for flaws without the owner's consent or knowledge. If problems are discovered, they notify the owner, sometimes seeking a nominal charge to resolve the issue.

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