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Sniffers, also known as packet sniffers, work in a similar way to a dog sniffing information as it travels through a network. Hackers can use them to sniff data packets on both public and private networks. Sniffing attacks are mostly used to steal data and personal information.

Packet sniffing is a technique for detecting and observing packet data travelling across a network. Packet sniffing tools are used by network administrators to monitor and validate network traffic, but hackers may use similar tools for malicious purposes.

Tunneling your connection using a virtual private network is another excellent approach to protect yourself from packet sniffers (VPN). The traffic between your machine and the destination is encrypted with a VPN. This includes data collected through websites, services, and applications.

Packet sniffing is a critical component of network management. Packet sniffers are used by network managers and technicians to diagnose underlying faults on their networks. As a result, a packet sniffer is simply a tool that aids in the monitoring and troubleshooting of network traffic.

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