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  • Bypassing cross origin resource sharing

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Simply select "Disable Cross-Origin Restrictions" from the develop menu after enabling the developer menu from Preferences >> Advanced. Only activate the developer menu and select "Disable local file restrictions" from the develop menu if you only want local files.

The HTTP headers used by the cross-origin resource sharing protocol identify trusted web origins and associated features such whether authorised access is allowed. In a header exchange between a browser and the cross-origin web site that it is attempting to access, these are merged.

If you want to fix this using express. js, for example, all you have to do is use a middleware that handles the origin key. However, you must preflight any non-standard HTTP requests such as PUT, PATCH, and DELETE.

When a site employs poor regex to validate sources, this is one of the vulnerable misconfigurations. If a policy only checks if an origin URL begins with, for example, wildcard subdomains can be used to get around it.

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