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In Linux, the find programme scans the whole directory hierarchy beneath /var/www/ for files that end in. html.

  • cat command.
  • fewer commands
  • more command.
  • gnome-open or xdg-open (generic version) or kde-open (kde version) — Open any file with the Linux gnome/kde desktop command.
  • open command – This command is exclusive to OS X and can be used to open any file.

The file command determines a file's type, which can be human-readable (e.g. 'ASCII text') or MIME (e.g. 'text/plain; charset=us-ascii'). This command evaluates each argument in order to classify it.

The most common file commands are:

  • Open: Opens a file for editing without changing its name.
  • Close: Closes an open file.
  • Save: Saves changes to the current document.
  • Save As: Saves changes to the current document in a different filename.
  • Print File: Prints the contents of the current document or all documents in it to the specified printer.

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