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  • 5 phases of hacking

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Reconnaissance, Scanning, Gaining Access, Maintaining Access, and Clearing Track are the steps of hacking. While not every hacker follows these stages in order, they do provide a methodical approach that produces better outcomes.

There are different phases in ethical hacking that can be used for different purposes. The phases are as follows:

  • Pre-attack phase:
  • Attack phase:
  • Post-attack phase:
  • Recovery phase:
  • Mitigation phase:

Simply described, hacking is the process of employing computer abilities to identify holes in a computer or network, then exploiting those weaknesses to obtain unauthorised access to the system or network. Consider a computer or network to be a room.

The final step in the ethical hacking procedure is reporting. Here, the Ethical Hacker creates a report detailing his findings and the work he completed, including the tools he used, the success rate, vulnerabilities discovered, and exploit processes.

Reconnaissance is the activity of secretly discovering and gathering information about a system in the context of cybersecurity. Ethical hacking and penetration testing frequently employ this technique.

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