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Course Content


  •  Use "cd /" to go to the root directory.
  •  Use "cd.." to go up one directory level.
  •  Use "cd -" to go back to the previous directory (or forward).

Linux is a Linux-based operating system for computers. It is the most widely used operating system in the world.

Different types of folders in Linux are explained below:

  • Desktop folder: The desktop folder is the default location for files on the computer. It contains folders like Documents, Pictures, Music and Downloads.
  • Home folder: The home folder is where all your personal files are stored. You can create multiple user accounts in Linux and each account has its own home folder where you can store your personal data such as documents, pictures, music and downloads.
  • Music Folder: The music folder contains all of your music files such as MP3s and WAVs without any sub-folders or sub-directories inside it.

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