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A batch file is a script that contains commands that must be run in a specific order. It assists in the automation of routine tasks without the need for user input or intervention. Batch files are commonly used to load programmes, run numerous processes, or conduct repetitive tasks in a system in a sequential order.

The BAT file format, which is used in Windows, enables a basic set of operators for writing scripts that automate common tasks and start programmes. Although cybercriminals can use BAT files to execute malicious scripts, antivirus scanners can easily detect such parts due to the lack of code obfuscation.

When you run your Batch file, the "del" command instructs your computer to delete the identified files permanently (as opposed to moving them to the Recycle Bin). As a result, you should use caution when running your Batch file. Execute the Batch file.

  • Step 1: Go to the command prompt and type "cmd" (cmd.exe).
  • Step 2: Navigate to the folder containing the. bat or. cmd file.
  • Step 3: To run the batch file, type the file's name as indicated in the image below and press the Enter key.

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