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E-mail communications are delivered over the Internet using the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP). Most e-mail clients utilise this protocol to transmit messages to the server, while servers use it to relay messages to their final destination.

Protocols for sending emails. The SMTP protocol is used by Mail Transfer Agents (MTAs) to connect with one another via the internet (SMTP servers). The email is subsequently forwarded to the incoming mail server (MDA, mail delivery agent), which is responsible for keeping the message until the user accepts it.

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol, which is a protocol for transferring computer data over a network between a client and a server. As a result, it isn't considered an email protocol.

IMAP is a protocol for accessing email or bulletin board messages from a (potentially shared) mail server or service. IMAP allows a client e-mail software to access remote message stores in the same way that local message stores are accessed.

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