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What is the Difference Between SSD, CD and DVD?

CD/DVD Drives

In today's video we are going to learn everything about CD/DVD Drive. We are going to cover the following three topics :
- Compare CD form DVD.
- Identify the different types of CD/DVD Drives.
- Learn how to select and install CD/DVD Drives.

CD/DVD Drive is also a Hardware Component of the computer used as an secondary storage device. Here, we use the same SATA cable which we were using in HDD to connect.

CD stands for Compact Disc. They store computer information optically. CD's are portable Prior to the USB drive, they were frequently used when more space was needed than was available on a floppy. A CD can hold 720 MB. This is equivalent to 500 floppy disks or 200,000 pages of text.

DVD stands for Digital Versatile Disc. It also stores computer information optically. A DVD looks exactly like a CD. However, DVD's have much more storage capacity than CD's - 4.7 GB compared to 720 MB.

A Compact Disk drive (CD drive) reads information from CD's and writes information to CD's. There are three different types of CD drives, they are as follows :
(1) CD-ROM drive
(2) CD-R drive
(3) CD-RW drive

CD-ROM drive is short form of Compact Disc-Read-Only Memory drive. CD-ROM drives can only read information from a CD, not write to a CD-ROM drives are sometime called CD-ROM players. Inshort, CD-ROM drive only reads the data, permission to write in the CD-ROM is not possible.

CD-R Drive is short form of Compact Disc Recoverable drive. CD-R drives read from and write to CD's. You cannot write in any CD, except only in the CD type called a CD-R. CD-R drives are also called CD burners. Each CD-R can only be used once.

CD-RW drive is short form of Compact Disc - Rewritable drive. CD-RW drives read from, write to and rewrite to CD's. Rewrite means to erase and write over previously saved information. Rewriting is standard for floppy disks and hard drives. You cannot rewrite to any CD, only to a CD-RW.

A Digital Versatile Disc Drive (DVD Drive) reads information from DVD's and write information to DVD's. DVD Drives come in different types just like CD Drives, DVD-ROM, DVD-R, and DVD-RW. DVD drive can read CD's and some DVD drives can write to CD's.

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