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What are ports and cables in systems?

Types of Ports & Power Cable

In today's video we are going to continue the discussion about different Ports and Cables in Computer Hardware.

- Ethernet Port :
• Ethernet port is a network hardware interface used for data transfer and control between at least two devices that can support the IP protocol. (The logical address which need to be provided for transferring data between two computer is known as IP address)
• It was introduced in 1980 and, fist, coaxial cable was used. In 1985 the Ethernet port was standardized and twisted pair cable replaced the coaxial cable.
• Twisted pair cable is used only on short distances, like the connection between a computer modem port or network port and a Ethernet switch or router. On long distances fiber optic links are used as Ethernet Cable.

- HDMI Port :
• The first in India was opened by Phillips on June 12, 2008 in Bangalore.
• The High-Definition Multimedia (HDMI) interface is provided for transmitting digital television audio visual signals form DVD players, set-top boxes and other audio visual sources to television sets, projectors and other video displays.
• HDMI can carry high quality multichannel audio data and can carry all standard and high definition electronics video formats.

- VGA Port :
• Video Graphics Array cables or VGA have existed for long time now. They were originally made for IBM computers but they were adopted by other producers. VGA Cables are responsible in transmitting information form the computer to the monitor. Nowadays they are used to connect computers to TV screens.
• The basic difference between HDMI port and VGA port is that VGA port won't support Audio while being used for connection, but HDMI port will support Audio.
• It consists of 15 pins for connection.
• Users find VGA Port difficult while using and thus these ports get damaged frequently.

- Power Cable :
• Desktop Computers typically use a universal power cord for power, while laptops use power adapters, often made to the specifications of the manufacture.

Hence, this are all the Ports and Cables which are used in Motherboard and in overall Computer Hardware System.

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