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How to Disassemble Laptop?

Disassembling a Laptop (step-by-step)

In this video we are going to see that How we can Disassemble a Laptop from scratch step-by-step.

We are to disassemble a Acer brand Laptop. So, following are the complete steps for Disassembling of the Laptop :
- Firstly, we will turn back the Laptop face the backside of it. We will see that all the backside is covered with different components fitted with screw.
- We will first unlock the slot of battery component and then remove the battery of our Laptop carefully. It will easily get removed.
- After that we will open the panel of the motherboard compartment by opening the screw fitted. Make sure you are using magnetic screw driver set & carefully keeping the screws at safe place because we are going to need it at the time of assembling the laptop.
- After opening the motherboard panel, we will first remove the harddisk from the HDD slot & then move further to the RAM slot.
- In the next step we will remove the RAM from its slot by slowly unlocking the side notches of the RAM compartment. It is very easy to remove and do not require any kind of extra force.
- Now, next we will remove the processor of our laptop. For that we will first need to remove the Heatsink located on the above of the processor chip. For removing the Heatsink we will carefully unlock the screws located at it's corners. This will easily allow to remove the Heatsink & hence it's removed. Now, the processor is clearly visible.
- After that, we will unlock the screws located at the corners of the processor and then slowly remove the processor from it's slot. A laptop processor is very handy and easy to remove.
- Now, in the next step we will remove the WiFi card located at the corner of the backside by unlocking the screws around it. Generally WiFi card is removed when the strength of wifi connectivity is not accurate or when wifi shows much fluctuations at the time when it is connected.

Whenever any Laptop is disassembled, one should use blower or hair dryer to clean the inside by blowing air inside the compartments space to remove all the stored dirt. Also to clean the RAM, there is one alcoholic solution available in the market specifically for this kind of purpose only, so that can be used. It will clean the RAM completely & after that we can attach it back to it's slot once it gets dried.

Now, if the Processor is getting extra heated and doesn't get cooled down as it should then we can apply Thermal paste on it which can be very effective in such situations. It will cool down the processor and hence stops the Overheating which will ultimately save the motherboard.

If the Heatsink fan is showing problem and is not rotating as per its requirement than the only solution is to replace it by providing the model and service number of the laptop at the store.

Now, we will turn the Laptop in the front side and will disassemble the Monitor screen and Keyboard now.
- For that there is not much extra things which we need to do, we just need to unlock the screws of the keyboard located at four different sides and this will easily get the keyboard out.
- Similarly, we will open the two cables of the monitor screen located on both of the sides & hence, the screen will easily get removed without any much effort.

So, in this way we can Disassemble a faulty laptop which is showing certain type of problems.

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