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How does an HDD Work?

How does an Hard Disk Drive works?

In this video we are going to learn that, How does a Hard Disk Drive works.

NTFS (New Technology File System) :
- NTFS was launched as a correction File System of FAT. All the requirements which needed to be fulfilled were done in NTFS.
- It is the File System used now-a-days.
- NTFS is secure File System.
- Partition size is 1 TB (Tera byte).
- It supports Data compression.
- It support disk quota.
- Windows OS conformability (Linux, 2000, xp, vista, win7, win8, win10)

Partition for HDD (Hard Disk Drive) :
- The partitions in Hard disk drive are in three types,
• Primary Partition
• Extended Partition
• Logical Partition

Primary Partition :
- Windows Operating System (OS) must be located in a Primary partition ie. when we load/installs new operating system, primary partition is by default created.
- Only primary partitions can be used to boot the OS.

Extended Partition :
- A Hard disk may contain only one Extended partition.
- The Extended partition can be subdivided into multiple logical partitions.

Logical Partition :
- Linux OS can be installed into (and run Form) logical partitions.

Now we'll see the most important topic of HDD ie. Types of Interfacing in HDD :
• IDE/PATA : Parallel Advanced Technology Attachment
• SATA : Serial Advanced Technology Attachment
• SCSI : Small Computer System Interface

IDE/PATA Interface :
- It has a 40 pin connector.
- Data transfer rate is 133 mbps.
- When installed this type of hard drives ensure that the jumpers are correctly configured.
- If you have two devices connected to one IDE controller.
- One must be set to master and the other must be set to slave.

SATA Interface :
- It has a 7 pin connector.
- It is the latest high-speed type of hard drive connectors.
- Data transfer rate is 300Mb/s. As there are faster than old IDE Interface.
- The latest hard disk are using this of interface.
- As there are faster than old IDE interface.

SCSI Interface :
- It has a 50 or 68 pin connector.
- The data transfer rate is 600Mb/s.
- These require a SCSI adapter card connected into the system.
- Nowadays, most desktop computers did not the SCSI.

Following are some of the Main problems created in HDD :
- No Operating System (if such kind of error is shown then simply we need to re-install the Operating System)
- No Operating System in Hard disk (we will be shown some available actions which we can take while this error is shown, like press F1 key to continue and retry boot order, F2 key for system setup ie. BIOS, F10 for Lifecycle Controller, & F11 for Boot Manager)
- Disk boot Failure
- Cable Problem or HDD not detect

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