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Diagnose and Resolve issues Related to PC 2

Diagnose and Resolve Issues related to PC - 2

In this video series of four parts, we are going to first Diagnose the problem in our PC and then try to resolve it using different ways. Basically we are going to cover different types of troubleshoots and some practical knowledge about how to overcome solvable PC problems.

- To do things if the system is not starting because of Third Party Hardware problem :
• Disconnect or Remove any third party hardware for the time being to confirm that no power issue is there due to them.
• Examples of third party hardware are printers, scanner, external hard disk etc.

- To do things if the the problem is of defective power button of cabinet :
• Replace the power button with a new one.

- To do things if the problem is faulty Power supply unit :
• Remove all the power connection to the computer and turn it off completely
• Open the cabinet case by removing some of the screws at the left side
• Remove all connections from the SMPS to all internal hardware devices

- To do things if the Motherboard is not functioning properly :
• Disassemble motherboard from the cabinet by removing all connections and screws holding it
• After removing your motherboard, clean it with air pressure using an air blower
• Use isopropyl alcohol (IPA) to remove all the dirt from the motherboard. We can also use blower to remove the dirt stored in the motherboard
• Let the motherboard dry properly
• After drying, connect all the main power cables and RAM into the motherboard

- To do things when Motherboard is not functioning properly ie. Motherboard dysfunction :
• Short the on-off switch jumper on the front jumper panel
• If the motherboard starts, the issue is successfully fixed
• Assemble it back to the cabinet and attach all the components back
• Switch on the computer and check if any component is causing the system not to power ON
• If the issue of no power still appears, you'll have to buy a new motherboard for your computer


Resolving Random PC Restart & BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) Error :-

- Reason behind this kind of error are only two :
• Hardware issue
• Software issue
(This kind of questions are asked in Interview)

- Following are the reasons causing a random PC restart :
• Power Supply Issue
• Overheating of Processor
• Memory Issue
• Other Hardware or Software Issue

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