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What is Firmware and What are the examples of Firmware?

Introduction to Firmware & it's Upgradation

In today's video we are going to you see that what is Firmware, how we can upgrade Firmware and how we can do setting of BIOS for our PC/Laptop.

First of all we will understand that what is Firmware ?
- A Program written to the Read-Only Memory (ROM) of a computing device.
- It performs operations such as initializing the device, checking whether all the peripheral devices such as printer, scanner etc. and other components are working fine.
- BIOS (Basic input output system) of a computer is a firmware that ensures all the hardware devices attached to the computer are working perfectly.
- If Firmware is absent, then no device will work accurately. Firmware is an concept of BIOS only.

Understanding Firmware Interface pointwise :
- Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) is an advanced interface standard of firmware for operating system and is meant to replace the standard BIOS.
- Has functionalities such as faster startup of computer, bootable GPT (GUID Partition Table) hard drive and supports drives of larger capacity (more than 2 terabytes).
- UEFI has different advanced options like Startup Repair, Startup Settings, Command Prompt (for advance troubleshooting), Uninstall latest quality update, & UEFI Firmware Settings.

Why do we need to upgrade Firmware ?
- For the motherboard to support a new processor or other hardware.
- Fix bugs and improve stability or performance of your system.
- To change the operating system or if the current BIOS version does not support the new configuration.

Make sure that you have learnt the whole process of upgrading Firmware, otherwise it is very risky and it can damage the whole motherboard which cannot get repaired. Replacing it with new motherboard is the only option which is very expensive.

Things which we should do and focus on while upgrading Firmware :
- Note the product number of your computer.
- In a laptop, it is mentioned on a sticker at the bottom. While in a PC, it may be located behind the cabinet.
- Type the command: WMIC BIOS GET 'SERIALNUMBER' in the command prompt of our system.
- Check for the internet connection for upgrading Firmware.
- If there is no internet connection, use another device to download the update and save it on to a removable media like pen drive or hard disk.

Following are the two main ways to upgrade a Firmware for any device :
- Using Windows Executable File (easy method)
- Using Bootable USB Stick

For upgrading Firmware, one need to be ready with device's details like OS, OS Manufacturer, OS Description, System Model, System Type & etc... So, for upgrading Firmware, Model number, BIOS Date, Processor & Service number of our device is must.

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