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How to set up different parts in PC?

Assembling a PC (step-by-step)

In today's video we will see that how we can Assemble different parts of a Disassembled PC step-by-step.

- One should not wear any kind of watch or ring or their hands.
- In the first step, we will assemble the Processor in the Motherboard by matching the corner notches of the processor with given space.
- After that we will fit the Heat Sink fan on the Processor by matching all its corner notches properly and then attaching it's cable with the Motherboard.
- Now we will assemble the SMPS carefully. SMPS should be properly carried in hands and then put it in the given gap. After adjusting it we will attach the screws to it at all it's corners.
- After that in the next step we will set our Motherboard properly with respect to its cabinet. We'll tighten the screws around it and our Motherboard is now completely assembled.
- Now in the next step we will set up our RAM. While installing RAM make sure you check the notches of it.
- After that we will install our graphic card in the AGP port. Make sure to clean & brush it before installing.
- Next, we will attach the ATS Connector to the motherboard carefully & while attaching it, lock it completely in order to not loose it.
- Now we will attach the Main ATS Power Connector to the Motherboard.
- Now one by one we will attach all the parts of Power ON panel slowly and carefully ie. USB Port, Audio port, Power ON/OFF cable, plus & minus cable, Restart cable, & LED light cable.
- After that we will attach the Harddisk to one end of the SATA cable & it's other end to the to the Motherboard panel.

Hence, this is how PC is Assembled completely with all the necessary precautions. Mentioned step by step proceeding is very important and correct way for the PC Assembling.

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