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What are different types of Smartphones?

Mobile Device Security

In the previous video we have covered different Types of Mobile Devices and Operating System of mobiles. Today also we'll continue that in this video & understand Slider Type of Mobile phones. While we'll mainly focus on the topic, How Mobile Data Security should be done.

- Slider phones :
• The phone has two parts - one with the screen and speakers along with some keys, and the other half containing the main keypad.
• However, instead of folding, the bottom half with the keypad slider out form under the top half.
• This kind of design also allows the phone to be quite small.
• Also, in most cases, you can perform certain operations such as answering and ending calls and accessing the phone book and call history without opening the slider.
• Main Manufacturers of Slider type phones were Motorola, Nokia, Micromax, Samsung, & others.

Every Type of Mobile Phones have different market value and its functionalities which was varying from time to time.

- Mobile Device Security :-

• Android OS is easy to use but lacks in Data security while IOS has complicated using but at the same time it is very secured & user does not have any chances of data breaching.
• Only screen password & app locking is not complete device security, other wireless data security is most important than compare to all others.
• There are different levels of security that a wireless network can provide. Building on levels of security a network can provide, there are multiple types of Encryption.

- WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy)
• The oldest and least secure of these different security levels is Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) which was introduced in 1997.
• This form of security for wireless networks is rarely used anymore due to its many security flaws.
• Is a security algorithm for IEEE 802.11 wireless networks.
• This is not a secure network in today's time as there are many hackers which can easily read our data from our device if we are using WEP security.

- WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) :
• Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) provides a more secure way of connecting to the network than WEP.
• Two different modes exist, personal mode or pre shared key (PSK) and enterprise or WPA-802.1X.
• PSK is most often used in small offices and homes, since it is meant for small amount of users.
• Enterprise Mode means that the user is using a username and password, or digital certificate, to authenticate to a server rather than using a preshared key.
• It is better than WEP but still not that much effective.

- WPA2 :
• The 802.11i standard, or WPA2, was released in 2004 and improves on the security mechanisms that WPA uses.
• WPA2 has the same two different modes that WPA comprises of.
• It is the latest and best privacy secure mechanism where three encryption works at three time.

Wherever there are free Wi-Fi networks available, please do not connect your device with it. It can possibly be attackers or hackers trying to reach to your mobile phone & wanting to breach your data.
Also, Turn OFF the mobile data when not in use.

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