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how to Install CentOS?

Installation of CentOS Linux

In today's video we are going to completely understand about the Installation process of CentOS. There are different Linux open source Operating System like CentOS, Fedora, Unix, & Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Step 1 : Installation Process
• We will be first seeing the two options ie. 'Install CentOS' or 'Test this media & install CentOS' in the VMware Workstation screen when we initialise the installation.
• We need to select any one option from both of the above mentioned options in under 1 min otherwise it will automatically select one.

Step 2 : Welcome to CentOS Setup Wizard & Select Language
• After the installation is complete, CentOS setup wizard will open in front of our screen which will be asking to select the language during installation process.
• We'll here choose English (United States) and then proceed further by clicking on Continue button.

Step 3 : CentOS setup - Installation Summary
• The complete summary of Installation will be shown in front of our screen like Installation source, Installation destination, Network & Host Name, Security Policy, Software Selection, Date & Time (we will select the Indian Standard Time), Language support & other.
• In software selection, GNOME Desktop is highly recommended as it is highly intuitive & has user friendly desktop environment.
• Always remember to select all the necessary packages for installing Linux.

Step 4 : CentOS Setup - Setup Root Password and Setup User
• There are two different users, one is root user which has all the authorities and other one is local user.
• Here we will need to setup a root password first and then the user password by providing all the Name details. So like this we will have to setup two passwords which can be different or not, depends totally on the one who is setting it.
• After successful setting up of passwords, we will be asked to agree some licence and agreements, so we'll click on Done button and move further.

Step 5 : CentOS - Login
• We will be asked to Login as a Local user by default but we can login as a super user or as a root by clicking on 'Not listed' botton.

Step 6 : Welcome Screen - Language preference
• We will be now directed to the Welcome Screen of our CentOS and firstly we'll be asked to select the language preference.
• We'll choose the language as English (United States).

Step 7 : Welcome Screen - Keyboard preference
• Now in the next step, we'll be asked to select the keyboard preference.
• We'll choose it as English (United States).

Step 8 : CentOS - Welcome Screen - Privacy
• We'll be asked to setup some Privacy by mentioning that do we want to keep our Location turned on or not.
• We'll select the option according to our choice, while we here are choosing to keep Location turned ON.

Step 9 : CentOS - Welcome Screen - All done
• Now we are all set to go and start using CentOS Linux Operating System.

Step 10 : Network Setup
• We'll go to settings & than in 'Network' section we'll set all the necessary Network settings.

So, this is how step by step we can install CentOS Linux.

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