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How does a Motherboard work?

Working of a Motherboard in Computer Hardware

In today's video we are going to see that How Motherboard in Computer Hardware actually works.

- Manufacturers of Motherboard :
• Motherboard are available in various sizes and configurations. Some motherboard support 32 and 64 bit processor as well Operating System. It is manufactured by many companies such as -

Following is the list of Components that a single Motherboard comprises of :
• Clock Generator
• CPU socket
• Memory Socket
• BIOS Ram
• CMOS Ram
• Chipset
• Expansion Slot
• AGP Port
• IDE Ports
• Serial Ports

- Chipset :
• Chip Set is a set of IC
• The combination of the North and Southbridge in a computer is called the Chipset

- RAM Socket :
• D RAM (oldest RAM)

- CPU Socket :
• It is one of the most important socket of the motherboard because the processor is attached in it.
• To fit the processor inside it we just need to open the clip of the CPU socket and easily we can place the processor there and again lock it. Not even by mistake open the CPU socket with screwdriver, there is no need of opening it, for the purpose specially clip is given.

• A BIOS is also present in the Motherboard where all the Read only Memory is stored.
• ROM BIOS is nothing but Read Only Memory Basic Input Output System.

- CMOS Battery :
• There is one CMOS cell present in the motherboard which stores all the configuration happening in the BIOS.
• Capacity of a normal CMOS cell is 10 years.

Following is the list of card which are present in the Expansion Slot (PCI) of the Motherboard :
• Sound Card or Multimedia
• LAN Card
• SCSI Controller Card
• Internal Modem Card
• TV Tuner Card
• Additional Hard Disk

- Sound Card :
• Sound Card is present by default in our Motherboard for Multimedia purposes.

- LAN Card :
• LAN is nothing but Local Area Network
• It is used for Network connecting purpose
• And if sometime the LAN card is is not working properly then we can easily replace it with a new one without replacing the whole motherboard

- SCSI Controller Card :
• SCSI is Small Computer System Interface

- Internal Modem Card :
• This card is used to increase the Internet connectivity of the system
• It also comprises of a speaker

- TV Tuner Card :
• This card is used to access the CPU/Monitor in the TV screen

- Additional Hard Disk Controller Card :
• It is used to run the harddisk in our system if there is no cabling.

So this are all the Components of Motherboard & hence, this is how Motherboard works in Computer Hardware.

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