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How to Diagnose a SMPS Problem?

SMPS Troubleshooting

In the last video we have covered that what is SMPS and understand in detail that which are the different types of SMPS used in Computer Hardware. Now, in this video we are going to see the Troubleshooting of SMPS ie. what are the steps which one should take while it's SMPS is not in working condition.

Learning how to troubleshoot SMPS is very important.
If your computer is dead and even not a single lights glow on your Motherboard, the basic need is to check is SMPS. To do so, remove power cable form SMPS and unplug all connections of peripherals (Hard disk Motherboard, DVD etc.) because it will save the damaging of harddisk or motherboard if any extra voltage is provided. Now you can check SMPS easily by connecting small wire between green color (PS_ON) and black color wire (COM) as mentioned. After connecting, plugin power cable and switch on the SMPS. If SMPS fan runs, SMPS is working.

After that we will use digital multimeter to measure the voltage of SMPS. So, the black cable of multimeter will be connected to the black cable of SMPS & the orange cable of multimeter will be connected to the orange cable of SMPS. As soon as we connect both of the multimeter cables properly to the SMPS cables, digital multimeter will show the voltage reading. We'll observe that in the orange cable the voltage is 3.33V and is stable while in the black cable the voltage reading shown is 5.33V. Similarly if we do it for the yellow cable, the voltage reading which we will be shown is 12.69V.

If the voltages are coming accurate in three of the different cables, then definately our SMPS is in complete working condition, there is no fault which need to be checked.

So this was all about SMPS troubleshooting & thus this are all the steps which we should be aware of while working with SMPS & when SMPS starts showing problems.

If the SMPS is not working ie. the voltage readings in different cables are not shown properly then you should replace the SMPS by a new one because repairing the SMPS is costly. In the repairing cost one can easily buy a new SMPS, that's why it is recommended that if your SMPS starts showing fluctuations and doesn't function properly then you should replace it.

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