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What is considered Mobile Device?

Introduction to Mobile Devices

In the previous video we have learnt everything about RAM and different types of RAM available in today's market.
Now, in today's video we will learn that what exactly a Mobile Device is and how it should be used for our own benefit.

A Mobile Device is a small hand held an extremely portable computing device having a display screen with touch Input and miniature keyboard.

Following are some of the points which tells about what Smart Mobile Device is :
- The ability to connect to the Internet
- Supports user Input and Interaction
- Autonomous Operationlity
- Offers multiple functionality
- Light weight and small size

Whenever we go and purchase any new Smartphone, we should not only look at its RAM and Camera output but also we should focus on it's Wi-Fi version, Bluetooth version, portability, Operating System and other standard features.

Following are different Types of Mobile Devices available :
- Tablets
- Ebook Readers
- Smartphone

- Tablet :
• Wireless, portable personal computer
• Touch Screen Interface
• Form factor smaller then notebook but larger than Smartphone
• Idea of tablet came form Alan kay of Xerox in 1971.
• First widely sold tablet was Apple's Newton which was not a commercial success.
• Most common type today is slate style, Example - Apple's ipad, Microsoft's Surface, Amazon Fire, etc...

- Ebook Reader :
• E-book is electronic version of traditional print book.
• Have either an e-paper display.
• E-paper or electronic paper usually displays in black & white.
• It's not backlit, so it's not a trouble out in the sun.
• Doesn't support videos or other apps because refresh rate is too low.
• LCD is the screen found in laptops and computers.
• Colored & versatile but more difficult to view in bright sunlight.

- Smartphone :
• Cellular device with integrated computer and other features not associated with telephones.
• Has OS web browsing and ability to run software applications.
• Either have a virtual keyboard or physical one.
• First Smartphone was IBM's Simon, which was presented as a concept device at the 1992 COMDEX computer industry trade show.

What is a Mobile Operating System?
- A Mobile Operating System (or mobile OS) is a system software that manages the device's hardware and software resources and provides common services for its programs.
- There are many different OS types for mobile devices like Windows, iOS 4, Android, Blackberry, Symbian, Windows Mobile & etc...

Following mentioned are some of the Features of Mobile Operating System :
Along with the Features of PC, mobile OS also has -
• Touchscreen
• Cellular
• Bluetooth
• Wi-Fi
• GPS navigation
• Camera
• Speech recognition
• Voice recorder
• Music player
• Near field

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