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What is a printer?

Printer & it's Types

In today's video we are going to learn about Printers and Scanners in complete detail & understand why are they so much important in today's world.

A Printer is an External output device that takes data from a computer and generates output in the form of graphics/text on a paper.

While a Scanner is a device that captures image from photographic prints, posters, Magazine page, and similar sources for computer editing and display. Scanners come in hand-held, feed-in and flatbed types and for scanning black-and-white only, or color.
Inshort, Scanner is used to convert the hard copy of ours into soft copy.

Following are the list of main Types of Printers available in today's market :
• Impact Printers
• Dot-Matrix Printers
• Non-Impact Printers
• Ink-Jet Printers
• Laser Printers

- Impact Printer :
• These printers have a mechanism that touches the paper to create an image. These printers work by banging a print head containing a number of metal pins which strike an inked ribbon placed between the print head and the paper.

- Non Impact Printer :
• These printers create an image on the print medium without the use of force. They don't touch the paper while cresting an image. Non-Impact printers are much quieter than impact printers as they don't strike the paper.

- Dot Matrix Printer :
• The Term Dot Matrix refers to the process of placing dots to form an image.
• Its speed is usually 30 to 550 characters per second (cps). That's why it is considered the slowest & hence, it is not used now-a-days.
• This is the cheapest and the noisy printer and has a low print.
• Advantages of Dot Matrix Printer are that, they are In-expensive, Energy efficient, & have Low per page cost.
• Disadvantages of Dot Matrix Printer are that, they are noisy in nature & they have Low resolution, limited fonts flexibility, and poor quality graphics output.

- Inkjet Printer :
• It is a Non-Impact printer producing a high quality print. A Standard Inkjet printer has a resolution of 300dpi. Newer models have further improved dpi. Inkjet printers were introduced in the later half of 1980s and are very popular owing to their extra-ordinary performance.

- Laser Printer :
• Laser printer use very advanced technology and produce a high quality output. Laser printers can also produce high quality graphics images.
• Resolution is 600 to 1200dpi.
• Advantages of Laser Printer are High Resolution Output, Energy efficient, & it has many options to select from.
• Disadvantages of Laser Printer are that, they are Expensive & require special paper for higher resolution output. Also, sometime it is time consuming in case of graphics printing.

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