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Hardware interview Q2

Computer Hardware Q&A-2

In this video we are going to cover some interview questions regarding Computer Hardware Jobs. If you are going as an 'Desktop Support' in any company then what are the questions which you are likely to face in your Interviews are covered in this whole video. We'll start with some of the basic question and then we'll focus on other practical questions.

(Ques-1) OS Installations - Windows, Linux, Windows server 2016
(Ans-1) You can answer by saying that yes I have installed OS like Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows server 2019, & Linux many times with the help of pendrive and CD's. You should be aware about what are first steps, second steps, third steps & also what are the zero level requirements for installing any Operating System.
Make sure your device meets the minimum system requirements. If we take Windows 10, for the latest version of Windows 10, you'll need to have the following :
- Create installation media. Microsoft has a tool specifically for creating installation media.
- Use the installation media.
- Change your computer's boot order.
- Save settings and exit BIOS/UEFI.

(Ques-2) What is Firmware ?
(Ans-2) Firmware is a small piece of software that makes hardware work as it's manufacturer intended it to. It consists of programs written by software developers to make hardware devices 'tick'. Without firmware, most of the electronic devices we use daily wouldn't be able to work. They would not do anything. If firmware is not updated properly than any software or application will not work properly. Updating Firmware is also a risky job because if we are doing it in any laptop then we will need to continuously put it on charge the whole time & also the accurate model number and system firmware should be installed otherwise there are chances of damaging the whole motherboard.

(Ques-3) What are SSD & HDD ?
- SSD is an PC storage device that uses Solid State memory to store information.
- SSD uses non volatile NAND Flash Memory, which enables it to retain data when the power is removed.
- It is a data storage device in a computer.
- It is a secondary storage device.
- Its stored in 0 (or) 1.
- The OS, software and most other files are stored in the HDD.
- Its invented in 1954 by IBM.
- Now-a-days, HDD comes with 3.5 inch or 5.25 inch platters in different capacities, such as 10GB, 20GB, 40GB, 80GB & etc...
- Also there are various difference between SSD & HDD. Like SSD provides good speed of data transfer while HDD takes time compared to SSD. SSD are expensive in comparison to HDD.

(Ques-4) What is BSOD ?
- Blue screen Of Death or Blue Screen Memory DUMP (BSOD) is an error screen that is displayed before system is rebooted. The reason for this kind of error are issues in Hardware or any Software.
- Fixing a blue screen memory dump will be specific to correcting the error which is displayed on the screen.
- Finding information about your particular BSOD, and then search the internet for more practical advice.
- Begin dump of physical memory error is one of the error occur due to RAM problem.
- Blue screens are caused due to hardware and software problems.

(Ques-5) Why their is No Power in Display ? / Explain No Display Issue.
(Ans-5) Due to the following reasons the Display is not showing Power :
- Power cord not connected properly.
- Faulty power supply source.
- Third party hardware.
- Defective power button of cabinet.
- Faulty power supply unit.
- Motherboard not functioning properly.

(Ques-6) What is RAM ?
- Random access memory (RAM) is the best known form of computer memory. It is one of the best memory of our Computer.
- RAM is considered as volatile memory, which means that the stored information is lost when there is no power.
- RAM is made up of small memory chips that form a memory module.
- Whenever you open a program, it gets loaded form the hard drive into the RAM.
- This is because reading data form the RAM is much faster than reading data form the Hard drive.

Also, the frequently asked question is that what are VGA & HDMI. So while preparing for an Computer Hardware Expert interview, one should keep in mind the all above mentioned questions. They are sure shot questions which Interviewer will ask you.

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