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What is Software and types of Software?

What is Software & it's Types?

In today's video we are going to see that what is Software and which are the different Types of Software. Software is also as important as Hardware, without hardware there is no use of software and if there is no software then hardware alone is not that much effective. Thus, both of them have their own importance.

First of all we will understand that what is a Software :
• A set of instructions given to the computer to solve a problem is called Software. Foe example if we want to play a video then we need VLC Media Player software for that purpose.
• Software is a single /collection of programs that perform a particular task.
• Software is also called Program.
• Different software's are used to solve different problems. (For example to recover the deleted data we use Recuva software)
• Example - For accessing Internet we need Browser software, or for playing Music we need Media player software. Also for payment gateways there are many software applications developed like Paytm, Gpay, PhonePe & etc...
• So this is how for solving any problem we have an software for it.

There are mainly two types of Software on the basis of their functionality. They are as follows :
- System Software
- Application Software

- Application Software :
• Application Software includes programs that do real work for user. For Example - 'WhatsApp' is an Application Software
• Application Software is created to perform specific tasks for a user.
• It is also known as Application package.
• Applications software is used to perform various application on the computer. Most of all the applications which are on our Mobile phones, they are also available as an Desktop version ie. they are also available on the PC/Laptop.
• Examples are : Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Lotus 123, Photoshop & etc...

- Custom Software :
• Custom Software is also known as Bespoke software or Tailor made software ie. software that is specially developed for some specific organization or other user.
• Like Software Development comprises of all different things like Design, Analysis, Deploy, Automations, Test Case, Source Safe, Review & others.
• Every Software Application goes through a specific basic route where it is still improving and the developer is asking for people's feedback to improve his/her application.

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