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What is Hardware

Hardware Components of Computer

In this video we'll start by learning that what is a Computer Hardware.

So, basically the physical components of any computer which can be touched by our hands (tangible) & which we can feel is called Hardware. PCs, Laptops, Keyboards are some of the example of Computer hardwares.

The components of Computer Hardware are further divided into three different groups :
(1) Input Devices
(2) Output Devices
(3) System Unit

Let's understand what are Input devices pointwise :
- An Input device lets you communicate with the computer. You can use Input devices to enter Information and issue commands.
- Example : Keyboard, Mouse, Joystick
- Track ball is also an Input device which is used as an upside-down mouse. Also, Light Pen which we use to write, or issue commands is also a Input device.
- Scanner which is used to scan documents, pictures, graphics etc... and then view it on the computer is also an Input device. Similarly, Microphone is also an example of Input device which is used to input sound into a computer.

Now, let's see that what are Output devices with it's examples :
- An Output device displays information on a screen, creates printed copies or generates sound. For example, if we are typing something with the help of keyboard, then it is displayed on the computer screen.
- Also, when we use 'Ctrl+P' key to print any document, then it means that we have given the input, now it's time for output devices to print it. That's how Printer functions.
- Multimedia projector is also an Output device as it is a type of video projector for displaying images or any computer data on a screen. Similarly, Speaker play sounds transmitted as electrical signals, thus it is also an Output device.

Now, let's understand that what is a System unit & it's function :
- The System unit is the part of the computer which is responsible for accepting and processing the data brought in by the Input devices. Motherboard & Harddisk are main examples of system units.
- Example : CPU, Graphic card, floppy disk, RAM, video and audio card, CD drive etc...

So, this are the Components of any Computer. They are divided into three types according to their functionalities.

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