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How to work with different options on Mobile Devices?

Positive Effects of a Mobile Device

Today we'll see that & understand what are the Positive Effects of a Mobile device and How a Mobile device is very useful for an individual in day-to-day life. 

- Hashing :
• Hashing is a technique used to secure a user's password.
• It is essentially a complicated algorithm.
• There are many different hashing algorithms out there: SHA1, MD6, SHA256, etc.
• Hashing Algorithm - Start > counter=0 > each byte : add byte value to counter > first 3 digits of counter > End

Now we will see some Positive Effects of Mobile Devices on an Individual Human being :
• Playing Games 24*7 is the worst use of a Mobile device. To make the best use of mobile phones one must use it to update and gain some knowledge out of it.
• Useful for Student to search for books & study PDFs
• Can handle some home business from your mobile phone only

- Communication Convenience :
• They are lightweight, small size and portability.
• We can stay with our loved ones anywhere anytime.
• So it is the best way of communication.

- Entertainment :
• Mobile device is nothing but a complete portable entertainment devices.
• It entertains us on the go.
• These devices have super impressive features related to entertainment.

- Useful in Studies and Business :
• In both fields, it has become a compulsory gadget.
• Students can access internet on the go, and thus can get knowledge of any topic they wish to.
• The business persons can keep themselves updated with the markets, also they can stay in touch with their employees and clients.
• Student can pay online fees and also Business companies can pay salaries for their employees through it.

Following are some of the questions which you need to practice as an assignment regarding Mobile Devices :
(1) What is Mobile Device?
(2) Types of Mobile Devices?
(3) How Many types of Mobile Operating System?

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