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Keyboard Troubleshooting

Keyboard Troubleshooting

In our last video we have seen which are the different types of Keyboards. Now, in this video we'll learn that how we can troubleshoot a keyboard.

Following are the steps mentioned which are used to Troubleshoot a Wired Keyboard (To do things when keyboard is not working properly) :
- Check the connection between keyboard and the system.
- Connect the keyboard directly the system using PS/2 or USB port. Whenever using PS/2 keyboard and it's not working, then one should reboot the system and try again once & in case of USB keyboard, just unplug and plug in again.
- Be sure that there are no bent, broken or missing pins PS/2 connector.
- Enable the USB setting in the BIOS for keyboard connection if it's disable.
- Check the port by connecting another keyboard to it. If the newly connected keyboard is working then there is some default in our keyboard.

Following are the things which we can do while our keyboard keys do not strike correctly or stop working :
- Make the keyboard free of dust, dirt and foreign matter. The keys can easily be removed, so after removing it the below grip needs to be properly maintained by cleaning it with a brush or blower.
- Clean the keyboard by using brush or by turning the keyboard upside down and gently tapping it to remove any dirt.
- Remove the keyboard connection if you spill any liquid on it. Make the keyboard upside down and connect only after it dries completely.
- Use compressed air to blow the dust from the hard to clean gaps. (Use static safe vacuum cleaner for this purpose)

Following are some of points mentioned which we should follow while wrongs characters get typed :
- Wrong characters gets typed because the keys do not strike correctly.
- Cleaning the keyboard by air blower to remove the obstructions under the key may solve the problem.
- If the issue continues, test the keyboard to another port, if it works then the keyboard port may be damaged.
- If the keyboard does not function in the new port than replacing the keyboard is recommended.

So this are all the methods and steps which one can follow if their keyboard is showing any kind of error in its working.

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