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How to Assemble your own Computer?

Introduction to PC Assembling & Disassembling

In today's video we are going to Learn and understand about PC Assembling & Disassembling. We'll also practically see that how we can set up different parts of PC later.

What are the benefits of Assembling a PC by our own? Reasons are given below :
• We can further update our Harddisk, RAM or Processor according to our requirement if we have assembled PC by our own. Branded systems not to provide upgradation of System.
• Following are some of the important parts which needs to be bought for assembling a PC by our own :
- System Fan
- Floppy disk (not compulsory)
- Motherboard
- Processor
- RAM Models
- Optical Drive
- Harddisk
- Sink Heat
- Processors
- Power Supply / SMPS
- Graphic Card
- Keyboard
- Mouse
- DVD Drive
- Video Card
- Sound Card
- Cabinet

Following are some of the Tools which are compulsorily required for Assembling and Disassembling the parts which we have bought for our PC :
- A Magnetic Screwdriver Set
- Needle nose Pliers
- Anti-static Wrist Strap (while working with this, do not wear watch or any kind of ring in your hands)
- Tweezers
- Brush
- Wooden box for keeping all the small screws

Following is the step by step method which we should follow while assembling a PC :
• Install Case fan
• Install SMPS
• Install Motherboard, Microprocessor
• Install Heat sink
• Install Memory
• Install Hard Drive
• Install DVD ROM Drive, Install Connectors and Cables, Keyboard, Mouse, Monitor

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