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What is a Processor?

Introduction to Processor & it's Types

In today's video we are going to learn everything about Processor (CPU) and it's Types.

- A Processors is the logic cirucuitry that responds to and processes the basic instructions that drive a computer.
- The Processors or Central Processing Unit (CPU) are the brain of a computer. The more powerful the processor is the faster your pC will run. The speed of a Processor that is the number of instruction per second that it can carry. It is measured in Gigahertz (GHz).
- Example : AMD Ryzen 5 2600 Six-Core Processor (3.40 GHz)

Types of Core :
- Single core
- Dual core
- Quad core
- Octal Core
- Deca Core
- Core i3
- Core i5
- Core i7

- Single Core Processors :
• The Single Core CPU utilize one core inside the processor.
• This was the very first type of CPU, and today, is still used in many machines, such as some smart phones, laptops, and netbooks.
• Advantage :
Less Heat Generation
Good Battery Life
• Usage of Single Core Processors :
Word Processing
Checking Email
Surfing the Internet
Watching Video & etc...
• Best Single Core Processors are listed below :
Intel Pentium 4 640
Intel Core Solo T1350
AMD Athol 64 FX-55
AMD Sempron LE-1250
AMD Sempron 145

- Dual Core Processors :
• A Dual Core Processor is an Integrated circuit with two processing units.
• The two identical processor are manufactured so they reside by side on the same file.
• Some popular dual core processors are AMD A4-3300, Intel Core Duo, AMD X2.
• Processor is an integrated circuit with two processing units.

Following are some of the advantages of Dual Core Processors :
• Dual Core can boost system's multitasking computing power.
• It provides two separate complete execution cores.
• As each core has its own cache the processor has sufficient resources to handle task in parallel.
• Dual core enable to process three time faster than single core.
• Provide user-friendly entertainment system.
• Many new software like, Adobe Photoshop and MS Office run properly.

Following are some of the disadvantages of Dual Core Processors :
• Dual-Core Processors generate more heat than a single core processors.
• Dual-Core Processors don't always perform better than single core processors.
• Dual-Core Processors are not able to handle as many tasks at the same time as efficiently.
• Dual-Core cost more than single core processors.

- Quad Core Processors :
• One constant in computing is that the world's hunger for faster performance is never satisfied.
• They have Superior Performance.
• Energy Efficiency.
• They showed Ultimately Energy-Effcient Performance while running.

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