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What is SMPS and What are the Types of SMPS?

What is SMPS & it's Types?

Now the topic which we are going to study is the most important part of Computer Hardware ie. SMPS - Switched Mode Power Supply. It's main task is to provide Power supply to all the components of the company.
We will cover everything about SMPS in this video, it's working, function and all others.

How SMPS Works ? or What is SMPS working ?
- SMPS converts AC to DC voltage with rectifier. All types of Alternating current is managed by SMPS to convert it in Direct current for further supply of Power.
- The unregulated DC voltage is sent to the filter.
- Inverter convert DC to AC with help of power oscillator.
- Output transformer inverts AC voltage up to down to the required output level.
- Output rectifier and filter: AC output from transformer is rectified.
- For lower voltage uses silicon/schottky diodes used and smoothing the rectified output by using filter.

Now we'll see different types of SMPS. Following are the two types of SMPS :
- At (Advanced Technology)
- Atx/Nlx (Advanced Technology eXtended / New Low Profile eXtended)

- Front side power connector to SMPS
- AT style SMPS provides DC output on two 6 pin-connectors (carries DC power to motherboard) and two 4-pin connectors
- Power good flag is setup output voltage stable

- Doesn't connect directly to power button
- It uses five DC voltage, 20 pin connector.
• PS-ON : When it is low SMPS is ON or else OFF
• 5VSB : supplies power supply to circuits
• PW-OK : power good signal
- Front side power connector to SMPS
- AT style SMPS provides DC on two 6-pin connectors (carries DC power to motherboard) and two 4-pin connectors.

We can check the voltage measurement of the SMPS's using Digital Multimeter.

Now we will see that which are the different Computer SMPS connectors available :
- ATX 20+4 Pin (main power which connects to motherboard
- Molex 3 (this are not much used now-a-days)
- Dell P6 (this are used to provide power directly to the PC)
- SATA power 3 (Serial Advance Technology attachments - two connectors are there, one of them are connected at Harddisks, & DVD ROM)
- 6 Pin PCI Express 2 (it supplies power to Graphic card)
- 4 Pin CPU 12V (it provides power supplies to CPU)
- 6 Pin AUX
- 4 Pin FDD

SMPS are generally of 230V, but they are also available in 450V, 550V & 750V. Based on the usage of our CPU, SMPS of different voltages are installed.

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