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Types of Mouse

Different Types of Computer Mouse

In our last video we learnt about Keyboard Troubleshooting in detail. Now in this video we will understand about different Types of Mouse used.

Computer Mouse are further classified in the following types :
- Cordless (wireless)
- Optical Mouse
- Mechanical Mouse
- Trackball

Now we'll understand each type of Mouse in detailed manner.

(1) Cordless (wireless) Mouse :
- The Mouse without wire or cord is called Wireless Mouse.
- Mostly wireless mouse use Radio Frequency (RF) technology to communicate information to your computer. For this we will need one adapter & a battery/cell which we will insert in backside of our wireless mouse.

(2) Optical Mouse :
- Nn Optical Mouse is an Computer pointing device that uses a Light Emitting Diode (LED), optical sensor, and digital processing (DSP).
- This mouse doesn't have mouse ball and electromechanical transducer. It is fitted with a sensor for all drag and drop purposes.

(3) Trackball Mouse :
- A Trackball mouse is a pointing device.
- It consists of a ball held by socket containing sensors to detect a rotation of the ball. The user rolls the ball with the fingers, or the palm of the hand to move a pointer.
- Trackball mouse are mostly used by gamers.

(4) Mechanical Mouse :
- A Mechanical mouse is a computer hardware input device comprised of a metal or rubber ball in underside.
- Moving the mouse causes the ball to roll, and sensors inside the mouse detect the movement of the ball and consequently send signals to the cursor on the screen.
- This types of mouse are not used in today's world. They are old style and were used before.

What are Computer Mouse Ports ?
- Today, most computer Mouse connects to a computer using a USB port.
- Below is a listing of all type of ports and wireless connections that a mouse is capable of using or has used in the past.
• PS/2 port
• Bluetooth
• USB (Universal Serial Bus)
• Serial Port (one of the oldest ports used)

In the upcoming video we will see Troubleshooting of Mouse.

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