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How to install and configure a Printer ?

Installation & Configuration of Printer

In today's video we are going to learn practically that How we can Install and configure a Printer.

Following are the things which we'll see regarding Installing a Printer :
• Sources of printer drivers
• Installing printer driver using CD
• Installing printer driver using default Windows drivers
• Installing printer driver by downloading driver from product website
• Sharing a Network printer using TCP
• Configuring printer settings
• Sharing a Local printer

- Before installing the Printer, make sure that the System meets the minimum Hardware and Software requirements as mentioned in the Printer's User Manual. For this refer to the System Requirements in the Printer's User Manual.

Below mentioned points should be kept in mind while connecting a Printer :
• Set printer near to the computer.
• Install software that came with printer.
• Plug the printer.
• Windows will automatically find new printer and install required additional software's.
• Printer will get installed.
• If there is any problem in installing printer, download update drivers.

- Sources of Printer Drivers :
• USB Printer when printer connects by, OS detects it and attempts to install it.
• Manufacturer website you can search and download drivers form Printer manufacturers websites.
• Example: If you are using printer of Canon, you can go to Canon's website and download drivers.
• Other websites apart from manufacturer's websites there are some websites like '' & '', from where you can download Printer drivers.

Following mentioned are the steps to Install Printer driver using CD :
• Connect the printer to the computer using the USB cable and than insert the software CD.
• Double-click the CD drive.
• Double-click the Setup file.
• Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.

Following mentioned are the steps to Install Printer using Windows default drivers :
• Connect the Printer to the computer using the USB cable.
• Open the Setting app form the start menu.
• Click devices and then click add a Printer or Scanner.
• Click the name of the Printer.

So this is how we can connect Printer to our Computer.

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