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What is Hard Disk Drive?

Introduction to HDD (Hard Disk Drive)

In the previous video we have covered that what are the things which one should do while SMPS stops working ie. Troubleshooting of SMPS.
Now in this video we are going to cover everything about Harddisk, what is harddisk, their types, which are the harddisk used mostly now-a-days, & their prices in this whole video. We'll also see the different connectors used for harddisk, and how the components inside the harddisk works.

What is a Hard disk drive ?
- It is a Secondary storage device ie. the data stored is permanent.
- It is a data storage device used in a computer.
- It is stored in 0 or 1.
- The Operating System (OS), software, and most other files are stored in the HDD.
- Hard disk drive were invented by IBM in the year of 1954.
- Nowadays, HDD with 3.5 inch or 2.5 inch platters in different capacities are available, such as 10GB, 20GB, 40GB, 80GB, etc...

Main Components of Hard disk drive are :
- Disk Platters
- Stepper Motor
- Spindle Motor
- Read and Write Head
- Actuator Arm
- Actuator Axis
- Power Connector
- SATA Connector
- Jumper

How main Components of HDD works ?
(1) Disk Platter :
• The Platter is made up of a magnetic material, in the flat disc part of the drive.
• The data is stored in the platter.
• Each set of magnetic particles is collection of a unit called a bit.
(2) Stepper Motor :
• We use Stepper motors for controlling read/write head position.
• Stepper motors usually use +12V power, but some new low-power drives use +5V power
(3) Spindle Motor :
- It controls the Platter.
- This motor rotates at a speed of 3600 to 10,000 R.P.M. (round per minute)
- All the platter moves in the same direction
(4) Read and Write Head :
- The Head reads and write the information to the drive platter.
- The Head writes magnetic information on the platter.
- It is a logical process which shows that how the data works.

Now we will talk about Structure of the Hard disk drive & how our data is stored in it :
• Track - The HDD is divided into number of concentric circles called Tracks. Data stored in this are Sector wise, ie. there are different sectors inside a track. Circular path in sector is called Track.
- Sector : Data storage area in one track multiple, divide into the multiple block is called Sector. Each sector have 512 bytes of the data. Even the data stored in our memory cards are in sector and track wise.
- Cylinder : A set of corresponding tracks in all sides of Hard disk is called Cylinder.

File System in HDD :
- The data stored in our Hard disk is because of File System. Many people don't know about File System in HDD.
- If the data stored is not in proper File System then the stored data will not be in a proper sequence.
- Following are the ways by which the data is stored using File System in HDD :
• FAT (File Allocation Table)
• NTFS (New Technology File System)

FAT (File Allocation System) :
- It is not a secure File System.
- Partition size is maximum 32 GB.
- Dose not support data Compression.
- Dose not support disk quota.
- Windows OS conformability (95,98,ms-dos)
- This is an old File System.

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