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Types of keyboard

Different Types of Keyboards

In our last video we have seen different types of Components of Computer Hardware. From that components, we will now first see that what are different types of Keyboards.

Following are the types of Keyboards available :
- Standard keyboards
- Laptop keyboards
- Gaming keyboards
- Laser or infrared keyboards
- Rollup keyboards

We'll now see every type of keyboard one by one in detail.

(1) Standard Keyboards :
- Every person who is operating PC or working on desktop all day is using this Standard keyboard. They are also known as Desktop keyboards.
- It includes alphabetic characters, punctuation symbols, numbers, and a variety of Function keys.

(2) Laptop Keyboards :
- It has the same keyboards type as a normal keyboard, except for the fact that most laptop keyboard condense the symbols in fewer buttons to accommodate less space.

(3) Gaming Keyboards :
- This type of keyboards are similar to the Normal keyboards except they generally contain extra features such as illuminated keys, multimedia keys, an additional LCD screen, palm rest and other features.

(4) Laser or Infrared Keyboards :
- It is also called as Virtual keyboard as this device projects the keyboard on to a flat surface, such as a table or desk.

(5) Rollup Keyboards :
- This type of keyboards are specially designed for travelling purpose. They are made up of soft plastic or silicone which can be rolled on smoothly.

Now we will see the connectivity type of different Wired Keyboards. They are available in the following two types :
- PS/2 (old style)
- USB (latest in use)

Now we will see that what & which are Wireless Keyboards types :
- Bluetooth
- Infrared (IR)
- Radio Frequency (somewhat same as Bluetooth keyboard)

Now we will understand different types of parts of our Computer keyboard ie. different types of keys and symbols with their functions.

(1) Function Keys : Across the top of a keyboard there are a row of keys called the Function keys. Each key is composed of the letter F and a number, ranging from F1 to F12. Each of the Function keys performs a specific operation based upon what software is being used.

(2) Numeric Keypad :
- Many larger keyboards have an extra section to the right contains the Numeric keyboard. This consists of the number 1 through 9, an asterisk, a slash, a dash, a plus sign, an enter key and a period. There is also a 'Numlock' key which is used to turn on and off the Numeric keypad.

(3) Typewriter Keys :
- The Center of the keyboard, which contains the largest amount of keys, includes letters and numbers. Most typing is done with these keys. They are specially used by the Lawyers.

(4) Special Keys :
- Other keys include the Alt & Ctrl keys (used for specific function), the Tab key (used to insert the cursor) and the Shift key (used to make capital letters or symbols that are located on the number key).

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