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How to Use X-REF (External Reference) In AutoCAD

TOPIC:How to Use X-REF (External Reference) In AutoCAD

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I am (name) and I welcome you all to today’s video. In the last video, we learned about the preparation of the 1BHK plan. In today’s video, we will learn about X-Reference which is an External Reference. So, let’s start today’s video.

So, first, let’s know what is an external reference? An external reference that whatever thing I input here or whatever I draw here or whatever elements I use here with a specific block, with a specific drawing, or with a specific format. So, whatever things I insert here and make a final drawing here, and I choose all those things from outside that they are already saved somewhere, and place all those things here, so, how can we do that. Like I have a plan already made here in which there are doors, windows, walls, centerline, electric, then hatching, road, pipeline, I have inserted these all things in that. Then what happened is, that I divided all the drawings into different parts. That is one drawing is of doors and windows, one drawing is of walls, one drawing is of text and dimensions, one drawing is where all the electric work is, one drawing is where all the roads are, one drawing is where other elements are. Then if I want to insert those all drawings again, that is after a division, I want that same drawing once again. So, I can insert the drawing with this option. There’s another thing that if I want to outsource an image or I have different options available here like different file types. So, I want to paste or place different file types. So, we can do that with this command. So, let’s learn about this command. So, for that, I firstly need a plan. Then we will make roads and with roads a pipeline, or the other utilities. Then we will learn deeply from this command. So, what we will do right now is that we will use the plan that we made in the previous video. So, you can see that this plan is available here.

Then what we will do is suppose I only want this furniture and wall or I only want this hatching or I only want text or walls or center lines. So, according to that, what I will do is that whatever the utilities or the elements are, I will save them in another drawing, and other than that I will delete the rest of the things. So, let’s start. So, the first thing I did is that I took this drawing and then “save it as” it, after save as , you all know that this drawing is already saved, Okay? So, I will not do anything here or I can do something else. I will save it without doing any changes in it and then make a new folder here, the folder will be “X..Reference.. Practice”... okay? So, this is 1BHK Plan underscore (_) walls…and then…save. Then I will do it again (6 sec pause) and here I will keep the furniture… We can make roads or like a passage and any other utilities. (5 sec pause) So, we will use the line command and make the ortho “On”. So, this is my tracking point like this and I will offset it “O” + “Space” and the offset I want is one (1). So, from here to here is the offset. Okay? So, I will move all these things up… So, I will draw this line like this. We will move this a little bit. .Okay? Then we will use one more offset here “O” + “Space”, and the offset I want is of one (1), enter, from here to here. Then if I want to extend this line I can also do that. We can also delete the extra portion. Ctrl + Z. We need to extend this till here then “EX” and extend this line and this line. Then I will delete the extra portion. Then there will be a pipeline, so, for a pipeline, we want the lineweight to be… more of a pipeline. We will use the lineweight of a bigger one, like this. (11 sec pause, command) (-07:22)

So, you all can see that I have given the lineweight but it is not exactly showing here and why it is not showing so, we have already discussed this that if I want to show the lineweight here, so, here I need to check the lineweight and “On” the transparency of lineweight okay? So, here it is showing that I can use this option with lineweight also. Then we will make a circle here, like this. Okay? So, after one by one but first let me move this a little bit, okay?...So, now what we will do is that…one by one we will delete the drawings or save them. So, first I will file then save as and I want furniture then save, and yes. Okay. Then once again save as walls, yes and yes. Then once again save as, and now the drawing which we will make is roads and pipes, enter. Save as,..text… 1BHK, and then…text. Save. Okay. So, we will save as for once again, 1BHK plan and That is whatever utilities we can see here, we need to save them.. one by one. Furniture is done, hatching, here we will do “Doors and windows” and then okay. So, the doors and windows are done, hatching is done, walls are done, and we can give the centerline or we can save that also differently so, this will be centerline (CL). Okay? So, I have saved this. So, whatever things were here, I have bifurcated them. Now what I will do is, we will (4 sec pause) then open that drawing here from here. So, first, we will open walls, and open this. So, when I opened the drawing of walls, what I needed to do was delete all things except the walls. I need to delete the rest of the things. (1 min pause, cursor moving on screen). So, either I can do like this, or I can lock…the walls from here and then.. delete all things. (12:18)

So, this option is also available to me. Now what I have to do is unlock the wall once again. Then I have to save here. Okay? So, we will open another drawing as we have already opened the walls. Then we will open text, after opening it we will lock the text here, then we will delete all the things except text. Okay? Then I have to save here. Then whatever drawings we have saved there, we will open them one by one. (15 sec pause) So, this is your roads and pipes. So, this is now saved. We will open the hatch once again, so we will keep only the hatch and delete the rest of the things. So, we will see if we made a hatch here or not, here we have not made it. So, what we will do is we will delete the drawings from here. (20 sec pause) So, here we have kept the hatching and then saved. You all have to do this same thing: whatever the different elements you have you need to save and then delete it like this. So, from here we will lock the furniture, and after this, we will delete everything. Okay? Then we will put on the furniture once again and then save it from here. Then we will open from here, doors and windows, we have opened this, then we will lock the doors and windows. Then we will delete all the things. So, the windows have also been deleted that is we have not made this in different layers, ohh, the windows are in different layers, what we will do is that we lock the doors and windows from here, then we will select the rest of the drawings and delete it and you can see that the doors and windows are already been made here then afterward we will unlock it once again. (6 sec pause) Then once again we will open the drawing, then the centerline, open, (10 sec pause) so, the centerline is already made here, so, we will lock the centerline, then we will delete the rest of the drawings from here, and then we will save it. So, when I go to a new drawing, on a new drawing what I will do is use these different elements that I have already saved, then I will go “X R E F” and then enter. After I click to enter, a dialogue box will appear here. So, whatever formats are available here, I can take those formats or you can see that DWG, drawing format, images, DWF, DGN, PDF, or these two models or options are also available and I have to take DWG. After going to DWG, I need to select my drawings where I have saved them one by one so, first I will select Centerline, and then click on open and then whatever I have to specify, I will let them like that only and then okay.(10 sec pause) line..Open (13 sec pause) Then you don’t need to specify on-screen, you need to keep them in zeros. Okay? If you do “specify on-screen” like I was going to do before, then you need to always specify those same points and in that, you need accuracy and practice. So, if you don’t know about those then you can always keep the coordinates on. I will go once again, doors and windows, then open, then we will not select “specify on-screen” and if you select that then they will ask where you do want to place, so, it’s better if you place zeros in the coordinates. And then okay. Then we will go once again to the furniture. And here in furniture, so, when I double-clicked on furniture it came down, then okay. Then here is okay. Once more DWG, Hatching, Open..Okay..Once more DWG..Roads and pipes, Open, Okay.. Once more…Text, Open, Okay,Once more DWG, Walls, Open, Okay…. And here you can see that my plan is ready here. Okay? And I need to unlock the layers so that whatever drawings I have inserted here, they can be shown nicely with their original colors…Okay? So, here all these drawings are now available to me. One more thing, if I do some changes in the original drawing, the sign will be shown here of those changes, like.

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