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What is AutoCAD

Hello Friends.

Welcome to LearnVern.

I welcome you all to this video where we will talk about an application or a software.

If you all are civil engineers, then this is a must-watch video for you.


Because we are going to talk about software with the help of which, we can complete our drafting work very easily and in very less time.

As we all know, earlier, when we used to work as civil engineers or when we had any work related to drafting, drawing, or making blueprints, at that time we used to use hand drafting.

So, due to hand drafting, there were many challenges and limitations that we have successfully managed to overcome today with the help of an application/software.

So, today we are going to learn about one such software which is called AutoCAD.

Come on, Let’s begin today’s video where we will get basic information regarding –

What is AutoCAD?

How is AutoCAD used?

What facilities can AutoCAD provide?

So our first question is: What is AutoCAD?

So there is a company called “American Multinational Software Corporation - AUTODESK”,

This company makes software products and has made a software that we know as AutoCAD.

if we look for the full name of AutoCAD, so the full form of AutoCAD is automatic computer-aided design or drafting.

This is a software as well as an application and it is available on PCs which means computers, Mobile devices, and tabs, in short it is available everywhere in every form.

 And it has lots of advantages like,

  • It provides us with improved quality as compared to hand drafting.
  • It provides us a lot of accuracy in our work which means that the output we get is very accurate and we can set our standard for accuracy.
  • It is very easily available.
  • It gives us maximum output in minimum time.
  • we can access this anywhere which means we can use it easily from our office, home or while travelling as well.

And as we all know, Not only civil but there are also many other engineering branches and many other branches in general that use AutoCAD software.

It means we can set our own standards as per the requirements of the industry.

Hope you are able to understand me.

For example, Mechanical engineers work in mm, hence we can set it in mm.

If you work in civil or architecture then you can set your standard in inches or metres.

This means that we can fully customise as per the branch requirement like in mechanical, civil, or electrical as per the needs.

So these are advantages that AutoCAD provides.

As we are talking about civil engineering today, so In civil engineering the standard is either in metres, inches or feet which we can call architectural work too.

Hope you are able to understand me.

Now let’s see some areas where we are already working with AutoCAD and can further work with AutoCAD.

As we all know, In civil, mechanical, electrical, interior designing, 3D work, and in many other areas, the use of AutoCAD has become very essential.

So today we will talk about something which can be covered under the civil branch.

For instance, Drawings related to civilization like

  • “Plans”, “Elevation section”,
  • “working drawings” that are used on sites.
  • Foundation Drawings are also used on sites, in the office, for better understanding, to convey a message as well as for designing purposes.
  • Layouts can also be made.
  • Also there are many such different views that we can create with the help of AutoCAD.

If we talk more about AutoCAD, so Whenever we open this software or application of AutoCAD, the screen we see is said to be a “welcome screen”.

So here also there are so many options available, but before learning more about this we will first know about “Where to download AutoCAD from?” How to install it? And how can we start using AutoCAD?

So come on Let’s first know from where we can download AutoCAD and where it is available for free.

So in today’s video, we learned What is AutoCAD?

Which means today we learnt a few things about What actually AutoCAD is, and the advantages that it provides.

In the next video, we will learn “How to download AutoCAD”?

I hope you all understood what AutoCAD is and where we can use it and the advantages that are available with AutoCAD.

If you have any queries or comments, click the discussion button below the video and post there. This way, you will be able to connect to fellow learners and discuss the course. Also, Our Team will try to solve your query.

Thank you.

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