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Download & Installation of AutoCAD From Official Website of Autodesk

Hello Friends.

Welcome to LearnVern.

I am (name), and I welcome you all in today’s video.

So in the last video, we had an introduction to AutoCAD, which means we learned a few basic things about AutoCAD.

In today’s video, we will learn how to download AutoCAD?

Which means if you don't have AutoCAD downloaded, then how can you download AutoCAD from the official website of AUTODESK?

So let’s start with today’s video.

(00:35 - 00:45) pause

So firstly you need to go to google and after that type “AutoCAD for students”.

As you will type “AutoCAD for students” here, you can see the first website is www dot AUTODESK dot com.

You have to go to that website and there, in that you will see several options.

Hope you are able to understand.

For example, if you already have an account on this site then you can sign in here.

And If you don't and you wish to create one then you can create your account from here.

Here are some basic eligibility criteria and some information needs to be submitted.

After submitting you all can create your account on this official site.

So we will look at this option too.

But in this video today, we will learn how AutoCAD is directly available to us.

This means, if I am not a student or an educator, I will not be able to create an account here.

Because there are few limited options available that we have to select and along with it, a few documents like

  • college ID proof for students and
  • if you are an educator then ID proof of educator

needs to be submitted and after that AutoCAD will authenticate and your account will be created and then you can download the product and use it.

So if you scroll down here, there is an option available: “Not a student or educator?”

So for them, here we have an option available and as soon as you all will click on it, a page available to you directly.

And in this page, you all have to select “AutoCAD” and along with selecting, you all can see as soon as I select AutoCAD, here an option is available for me which says “download free trial”.

I have to click on it and then I have to select an option which answers to what purpose I want to use AutoCAD.

So right now I want to use general AutoCAD, so I will select only the AutoCAD option.

Then I will click on next.

There will be some information available on the things that are required on your PC or wherever you wish to download or install AutoCAD.

So these are the requirements that you need to complete, only then you will be able to get AutoCAD in working condition.

Again click on next then you have to define for what purpose you will be using the software like as a business user or a student or a teacher.

So right now our role would either be as a teacher or student.

And if you are a business user then you have to select the first option too.

So here I am selecting “a student or a teacher”. Then I have to select “Go to Education Community”.

As soon as I insert it here,

4:26- 4:34 pause

here you can see this option is available to me.

So in this, I want to download this AutoCAD, so I clicked on “get started”.

After clicking on “get started” here I have to simply create my account.

And to create an account, if you already have an account then you can insert the details.

If the account is not created, then click on “create an account” here and after that, you can create an account.

Here you have to insert some basic additional information like country, educational role, institute type and after inserting the information, you will be asked 2-3 more additional details and you have to insert that also and submit, then you can download it.

I already have an account so I am going to sign in directly and insert the E-Mail id of my account.

Then I have to insert the password.

Then I have to write the name of the institute from where I belong.

So whatever is your institute, there will be a list available.

6:20- 6:33 pause

Suppose this is the required institute so I have selected this institute.

Then here I have to provide my area of study like if I am in Architecture, engineering, and construction or media or product design or others.

So I assume we all will be mostly from Engineering so here I will select “Architecture, Engineering, and construction”.

Then here I have to insert the date of when I was enrolled in the institute and when I will be graduating or have already graduated.

So I have to insert this information here and then click on next.

7:18 - 7:25 pause

So as soon as I click on next, here is my account set, and then I have to click on “continue”.

7:30- 8:00 pause

Ok. So here we have to confirm if the information which we added is correct or not.

So if I click confirm here.

Here will be one more option, I have to submit an additional document here.

As I said earlier, you have to provide your ID card or ID proof here.

So you can drag and drop here or directly upload as well.

So here format is also given like PDF, PNG, GIF or JPEG in which you can upload the file.

So as soon as you upload the file, then you have to click submit here.

As soon as you click on submit you will get a mail stating that within 24 hours, they will authenticate your account.

So it is important for you to know that if the information you inserted and the ID proof you submitted should be valid, only then your account will be created.

So as soon as your account is created, you will get an option to download AutoCAD.

For example, the Autocad that is available right now over there,

I will show you that once more.

So suppose the AutoCAD option that is available here, does not have any sign on it for me to download it directly.

Why ? It’s because my account is not authenticated yet.

So once my account gets authenticated and when the official website considers it valid that the account contains valid information and the document that is uploaded is valid, After that, your account gets authenticated.

After authentication, you will get an option to download exactly above AutoCAD.

So click there and AutoCAD will be directly downloaded.

So this was all the process in which we saw that first of all we have to go to the official website of AUTODESK and follow some procedure there, add some information, make an account and after creating an account, some more additional information needs to be inserted and along with it submit the documentation of proof and there are also we have options available like transcript or ID proof or a confirmation letter of admission of school can also be submitted.

Here are the options shown.

The 3 options are available in this manner.

These documents you can upload here.

So in today’s video, we learned,

 How to download AutoCAD?

Which steps do we need to follow?

What are the documents that we need to upload and the information that needs to be filled?

So I hope you all will practice this, if you don't have AutoCAD available.

So you will follow this process and download AutoCAD.

In the next video, we will have an Introduction to Welcome Screen.

If you have any queries or comments, click the discussion button below the video and post there. This way, you will be able to connect to fellow learners and discuss the course. Also, Our Team will try to solve your query.

Thank you. 

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