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How to Use Drawing Tools - Ellipse and ARC

Hello friends.

Welcome to Learn Vern.

I am……. I welcome you all to today’s video.

In the last video, we learned about a drawing tool which was a polygon.

In today’s video, we will learn about one more drawing tool which is the ellipse and arc.

So come let’s start with today’s video.

So in today's video, we will learn about a few more drawing tools.

First of all, we will learn about the ellipse and then about the arc.

So come let us start with the ellipse.

As I look at the drawing tools here, I have an option here that is an ellipse. (3 seconds pause ; cursor movement)


Before learning more about ellipse, let's first understand the meaning of ellipse and what ellipses are.

Ellipse is a shape where from one point to another point we have a radius in the shape that keeps changing. Suppose here I have a circle. Now when I select any point on the circle the radius of each point remains the same.

But ellipse is a shape where the radius keeps changing which means if I take one point here and then another point here a bit away then, the radius I have will be in plus or minus which means there will be some difference.

So the shape, whose radius keeps changing and the distance between the x-axis and y-axis is different from the center to the endpoint of that shape is called an ellipse.


So come let us learn how to draw an ellipse?

To draw the ellipse, we have 2-3 options available here. First of all, we will learn the direct method to draw the ellipse.

We have a shortcut key available here to draw an ellipse which is EL enter. As soon as I type EL enter, here I am asked to “specify axis endpoint of the ellipse”, which means there is an axis for the ellipse and I have to give an endpoint for that axis. So I can directly click here which means this is my endpoint.

Then, I have to specify the second endpoint as here, it shows specify other endpoint of axis.

So suppose, this is my other endpoint, here as you can see, an object is formed with the first and second point but it is still incomplete. because I still have to add one more piece of information that is to ‘specify the distance to another axis’,

which means I have to enter some distance from this axis that will be from the horizontal axis.

Suppose here I enter 0.5, and as soon as I enter 0.5 which means the axis that is available here that I will show you right now. (4 seconds pause ; cursor movement) here, I am tracking and we have already learned all about how to track.

Here I am drawing one more horizontal line and I tracked again and we have already learned how tracking works.

Right friends,

So here, first of all I entered this point which was my first point and then I entered my second point and then the distance.

Distance means here this is our main axis, so the distance between this main axis and the endpoint here can be set. So if I have any specific figure, I can enter that. or I can click anywhere… and my ellipse is formed. Okay.

So come let's learn, how to draw an ellipse once again with the direct method.

So firstly, I will type EL and enter or I will select ellipse from here.

When we make any drawing in AutoCAD, we will mostly use the shortcut keys only and you also have to keep in mind to use as many shortcut keys as possible. Why? Because the more we use the shortcut keys, the faster we can draw and we can strengthen our command in AutoCAD.

So here I have to specify the axis endpoint again. Okay.

So I will click here then, I have to specify the second endpoint, as we learned earlier I can just click here and select this endpoint or as I can see the distance here in the dynamic input, suppose we enter a distance of… 4 here in the dynamic input and press enter.

As soon as I pressed enter my distance 4 is entered here. Okay.

Then I have to specify one more point on the perpendicular axis exactly. Here also I can directly click or if I have a specific distance and I want to type it such as 2 and when I press enter 2, this is drawn.

So, here you can see I have some shape available which is exactly a circle. Why is it a circle? Because I selected my first point here and then the distance from here to here was 4 which means the diameter is 4.

Then from the center axis that is the CenterPoint, I took the distance as 2 which means the radius is 2.

So We can also draw a circle with an ellipse. Okay. As I don’t want a circle here, I will erase this.

I want the shape of an ellipse so, I will select ellipse, then I will select the first point and then the second point at 4.

I will not take the radius here as 2 because then again the diameter will be 4 and a circle will be formed.

So I will take the radius as 1 which means the radius will be 1 and the distance between the perpendicular axis and the endpoint will be 2 . here the diameter will be 2 . so I will type 1 and enter.

Clear so far ! Okay !


 Here, I have a shape available where the distance is 2 on this axis and 1 on this axis. okay.

This means that we have 2 radius available. Okay.

So this was the first method.

Second method.

As soon as I type EL and enter, I can also enter any specific coordinates here…

such as if I have a coordinate available here as 5 comma 5 which means, from the junction point I will select as 5 in X and 5 in Y and I will press enter.

So I can also select that. Okay. So as per my requirement, I can draw this.

Then the second method to draw an ellipse is, the center method where I will specify the center point of the ellipse. okay.

Here also, I have to follow 3-4 steps. So first EL enter, then I have to specify my center point, as you can see down here one is arc and one is center.

So here I will type C and enter, here I have options available to select my CenterPoint. suppose I want my center point here, so I will click here.

Now I have to enter one more piece of information that is, the distance from the center point to the endpoint in the y-direction and how much spacing do I want? 

suppose once again, I will take 2, then I type 2… and enter…, 

which means, the distance from the Center Point is 2, then, I have to add one more detail which is the spacing that I want from the CenterPoint to the perpendicular axis or x-axis. so once again if I type 1 and enter, the ellipse is formed.

So come let's see, here I am drawing a shape with the line command.(6 seconds pause; cursor drawing) and we have already learned this, but we still haven’t used the commands that we are using right now and we will learn it in the upcoming videos.

Okay friends !

Now let us check if the distance from the center to the endpoint that we selected is available here or not. As you can see I took the distance as 2 and it is available here. We will check the distance for this too.( 4 seconds pause ; clicking) Okay. So this distance is also available to me.

This means, if I already have 3 specific things such as the center, the distance from the center to y-direction , and the distance from the center to the x-direction. So in this way, I can also draw my ellipse.

Okay. Then we have one more option here where I have.. to enter… 2 to 3 things again and with its help, we can draw an ellipse. This is the last method, with which we can draw an ellipse.

By the end of this video, we will also learn how to make an arc?

okay..( 3 seconds pause)

So, we learned a few basic methods to draw an ellipse earlier where we explored 2 methods. so here when I type EL and enter, I have an option available where I can specify the center or an endpoint.

First of all, we will see here. I am selecting the endpoint here and the other point here and I have to specify one more endpoint which is in the x-direction, so the ellipse is ready here.


In the second method, after I type EL and then enter, if I specify the center point then I have to type C and enter which means, this is my CenterPoint. So with the CenterPoint, I can easily pick or select a point anywhere and draw an ellipse or if I have any specific distance such as 2 and I enter 2…then, I will get the distance of 2 in this direction from the center to this point which is the endpoint. Then, I have to specify one more thing that is the distance I want from the center to another endpoint. Suppose I enter the endpoint as 1, then here I have this shape of ellipse available here. Okay.

So these are the 2 methods that we explored in the last video.

I hope you have understood so far…Moving forward,

Here you can see, I have made some drawings in which, ellipse shape is available here as we learned before, and some ellipse is not entirely completed, which means, if I want to draw an ellipse where the distance is specified and the endpoint is also specified but, the starting point to the endpoint is not the same.

Suppose, I want to draw this shape and to draw this shape again, I will type the command E..L.. and enter…. Okay. So as soon as I clicked on enter, I have 2 options available here, that is arc or center. We already explored the center and you all already know how to draw the ellipse with it.

This time I am selecting an arc, so ‘A’ enter. As soon as I enter it, here one more piece of information is asked which is to “specify the endpoint” which means, as we used to do before same way, here is my endpoint, then I have to specify another endpoint, so this is my second endpoint and lastly, I have to specify one more endpoint, which will be in a different direction or different axis. Okay. So here I am taking this endpoint.

The ellipse that I have here is complete but I have a specific requirement, for example, suppose this is my drawing and I only want this much ellipse and not the full one.

For that, I will click here…(3 seconds pause;dragging) and drag, so I want only from here till here. Okay…. As you can see the ellipse is available to me here.

Now let's see for this shape of ellipse where I want this much line only which means this is my starting point and this is my endpoint, ( 3 seconds pause)

so how can we draw this?

I will take again EL and enter and then I will go to arc, here arc A and enter and after that, I have to specify the endpoint on this axis and then the 2nd endpoint and the last point which can be perpendicular or I can select anywhere. so I am selecting here, okay. So now I have to customize according to this shape.


So now I will start from here, and you can see I have this same shape here. Okay.

Next, how to draw this shape?

For this also, we will use the same technique. EL and enter the first point…second endpoint…and lastly, the endpoint… on another axis. Then, I will select here. Sorry.

I forgot to select the arc so you also keep in mind to select the arc first such as EL enter then here I forgot to select the arc so, I will select A enter then, I have to specify the first point..second endpoint… and lastly the endpoint in another direction…

 Okay. Now, I will start this shape from here and I want this shape till here..(3 seconds pause; cursor movement) so, I will click on enter again… or I can also enter. the angle. okay. So this is the shape.

Clear up till now, perfect !

In this way, we can directly… draw an ellipse as well as with an arc…

We will learn one more thing here which is a drawing tool arc.

As I click on the arc, I have all these options available here,

where I have some specific things available like a starting point, center, and an endpoint or a starting point, center point, and an angle. Okay.

So as per my requirement and with some specific information. And according to this specific information, If I want to draw an arc , then, I can do that.

Clear !

So, first of all, we will select 3 point arc but, for that, for that, I have to draw a line first and to draw the line… I will turn on the ortho mode so that my line is exactly horizontal, then I will turn off the ortho again.

Now I will click on the arc and here, we have a 3-point,. as soon as I select 3-point here I have to specify the first point, so this is my first point…. I want it exactly in the center, so this is my second point…. and this is my 3rd point…. So in this way, I can draw an arc. Okay…


There is one more thing, suppose I want to draw an arc from here to here, then, you have to remember that here will be my first point then, this will be the second and this is the third which will be my endpoint.

When you select this first point and this second point such as… this is my first point, I will select this as my second point, then your arc will go somewhere else which means it will end at some other third point after touching the first two points as shown here. Just like this, Okay.

So you should not make this mistake. Here I have explained to you a simple method. Select 1st point, then I am dragging here, if you don’t want to drag or if you have a specific point available such as this second point and this is…. my 3rd point.

So in this way, we can easily draw an arc with a 3-point. Okay.

Now, if I have a line available, (3 seconds pause ;typing) meaning, we will now talk about one specific condition which is, if I have a requirement to make an arc… where this is my first point and this is my second point and, I also have the radius of the arc that I want to draw such as I want to make it with a radius of 45 or 60, so I can also draw an arc with those conditions. Okay.

I will select (3 seconds pause ; cursor) start…center…and angle or start..end..and angle,

so here, I have a starting point and an ending point so, this is my selection as start and this is the end and enter. There is one more thing, we have to keep in mind, which is that the angle that we enter here will always be like this, anticlockwise.

 If you enter 45 then it will start from here as 0 and till here.

so the 45 will go like this. Okay guys !

Now let us see, if you select this endpoint as a first point, then how is the arc formed and if you select this point and then enter 45°, then how is it formed?

As I take the first point here, and this is my second point, now I will specify the angle 45 and enter, then here my arc is ready.

But suppose the arc that I want should be from the top, then, I will select this point as a first point, so again will select start.. end..And angle, so I am selecting this as a first point then, this is my second point and I enter 45°. So now you can see, the arc is formed from the top.

Okay !

So this way, we can use arc and if we want to use any other option from here or if I have any specific information to draw my arc then, we can use it from here.

So as we work on a project or make a big drawing further on, as at the end of this whole course, we will explore these other options there.

So I hope now you have an idea of how to make an ellipse and an arc.

If you have any queries or comments, click the discussion button below the video and post there. This way, you will be able to connect to fellow learners and discuss the course. Also, Our Team will try to solve your query.

In today's video, we learned how to draw an ellipse and an arc in the drawing tool and the options available there, and the things we need to keep in mind while drawing an ellipse and arc.

In the next video, we will learn about one more drawing tool that is a Rectangle. How to make a rectangle and we will explore the options available with it.

Thank you.

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