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How to Insert Symbols with Text In AutoCAD

 TOPIC: How to Insert Symbols with Text In AutoCAD

Hello Friends!

Welcome to LearnVern.

I’m (name) and I welcome all of you in today's video, in our last video, we learned How to delete Overlap Lines or Drawings, in today's video we will learn about how to insert Symbols in Text, that means whenever we make use of Text like Single-line Text, multi-line Text and we need to make some symbols available in those texts or to insert some special character, so how we will do that, will learn today, so let's start today's Video.

Like we all know we make use of Text in AutoCAD for anything or to make taglines or to showcase anything, just like if I make Plan then I write Plan, so that thing which we are able to write is with the help of these text characters or text commands.

So, for Text Command if I type TEXT and ENTER, then if I specify the point and specify line and press Enter then you all can see here I can type anything I wish, Okay!... Now, if I want to use multiline Text, then I will Type MT plus ENTER, so as and when I Enter MT here I am available with this space and if I wish to write anything so I can write that.

Suppose I want to write 50 Degree, so for Degree, I don't have a symbol available if I want to write 50 Radius, so here I don't have symbol available, so how will I make those available, to make it available I will Right Click and the option that we see Symbol, so if I want to insert Symbol and want to insert Degree, then I will select Degree and you can see the Degree is available with us. Okay!...

One more thing, we can edit these also, we learned this in Text, but one more time I will teach how to use it. Okay!

Then the size of this is also okay, so something like this… One more time we will see MT Enter from here to here then we will type something like 50 and we have to insert, like radius or diameter that we need to show, I will Right click here, then will go to Symbol, here we have Diameter, you can see diameter Symbol is available here, so something like this..Okay! One more thing like we Enter MT and we type something and whatever I have to make available like special symbols, then I will right click then will go to symbols, so here Degree Plus Minus Diameter Almost Equal to Angle, so one after the other will insert, so firstly Degree then Plus Minus then Diameter one more let's see Almost Equal symbol Angle Symbol like Delta so whatever Symbol I want all those symbols will be available, Now suppose, one more time I take MT Enter, selected the multi-text Space so now I don't have to select these symbols one after the other rather I want to insert multiple symbols at a time, then what will I do? I will go to Others so whatever Symbols I require I will double click on it or just a single click on the symbol and then click on Select again a single click on the symbol and then click on Select. so like whatever my letters or Symbols or special Characters I can take them or even if I double click we can see in the down these are inserting, Okay! So whatever character I want, I will select and all the special characters are available with us. So, whatever Symbol I want I will simply double click and these will insert down automatically.

Now, these all objects I will copy and paste here in Object, so you can see all those Objects are available here. Now if I want to change its style I can do that as well "Times New Roman" something like this, so you can see all these options are available with us. Okay!

One more time Let's see if we enter MT and select space along with space. I don't need to right-click and if I want all the symbols options directly so here we have symbols then I will go to Others and one more time all the symbols options are available with us. So whatever Symbols I want I will double click on that and will copy then paste it here. Okay!

So something like this we can insert symbols, so here symbols or any special characters whatsoever is our requirement we can use it accordingly.

So in today's video, we learned How to Insert Symbols in Text which means if in multi-text or single text we want to insert symbols or add special characters then how we will do that.

In the Next Video we will learn about Array Style, where we will learn about the first type of Array style is Polar Style. I hope all those symbols and special characters that I have told you and the method that I taught, will be practiced by you, and If you have any queries or comments, click the discussion button below the video and post there. This way, you will be able to connect to fellow learners and discuss the course. Also, Our Team will try to solve your query.

Thank You!

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