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How to Insert and Modify Single Line And Multiline Text In Autocad

Hello friends.

Welcome to Learn Vern.

I am Harsh. Welcome you all to today’s video.

In the last video, we learned about, Scale and Stretch...

In today’s video, we will learn about text, where we will get to know more about tools like multiline text and single-line text. (pause 10 sec)

As we have so many objects available in AutoCAD, along with that, we use tag names or some tagging, which means, each object has its own tag. Suppose, I prepare a plan, or prepare an elevation, or a different section, in my drawing, we can use text there.

So in this video today, we will learn how to use text, and the information that should be available to us, when we use text.

So for text, I have 2 things here which are single line and multiline…

So come let us look at the difference between multiline text, and single-line text.

As I select text here… and press enter… I have to specify a starting point or a corner point or a second point… If my ortho is on, this line will be straight here. Okay…. So I will click here… and if I want any text on some rotation, I can also provide the rotation angle here, and if I don’t want any rotation, I will insert 0 and press enter. Okay. (pause 3 Sec)

So here we have a window… where I can type anything easily. So if I type, T E X T, here and press enter… and then I will click here. As soon as I press the escape button, I will exit the text command…

So let us look at the advantage of single-line text… Suppose, I have a line here, and I don’t know the angle of this line with respect to the horizontal plane. But I want to align the text, that I am typing, with this line. So for that, I will use text, which means when I type, T E X T here, this is our single-line text... So here I will press enter then I will specify a point… and I will specify one more point… and I don’t know the angle… and then I will press enter. So now whatever I type here, will be aligned with this line….

So in today's video, we learned about text where we explored multiline text and single-line text.

So I hope you all have the idea of how to use multiline text and single-line text.

I hope you all will practice this. If you have any queries or comments, click the discussion button below the video and post there. This way, you will be able to connect to fellow learners and discuss the course. Also, Our Team will try to solve your queries.

So we learned about text today.

In the next video, we will learn about special lines, construction lines, and ray lines.

Thank you.

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