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How to Break And Join the Objects In AutoCAD

TOPIC: How to Break And Join the Objects In AutoCAD

Hello Friends!

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I am ….. and I welcome you all to today's video. In the last video we learned about Pointing where we learned Single point, multipoint, Divide and Measure. Today we will learn How to break and Join the Objects which means how to break any object and what are its methods and how to join that again, so let's start today's Video.

Let's first learn where do we use Break Commands, let's suppose I have a line available… and I have to break this line in exactly specific point say for example this line from here… 0.5 and from here also.. 0.5 then remove the dimensions from here then I will delete the middle portion, so we can do that directly, here we will make a drawing then this line, it will go here 0.5 and enter then we will make a line here 0.5 and enter so as you can see, we have to prepare two lines then what we will do? here that line, we will delete that so you can see the portion that is here has been deleted, So the line which is here 0.5 and 0.5 as per our requirement is there and the rest portion is deleted so here this method is available,


we have one more method available with us so to break, to break what we will do the first thing we will do is to use modify command and within modify command, we have an option of break. So to break we have to specify an object so to specify an object, we have a condition: whatever object we will select, wherever we will click that will become our first point.

okay and wherever we click that will become the second point ok. so you can see, this distance between the second point and first point means the lines between them have been automatically deleted. Ok... so one more time we will see , here… we will make a line for making a line we will select the line option from here to here, we have drawn a line.

Now what we have to do, we have to break this line from a specific point so we will go to BR and enter BR is the shortcut key for Breaking a line so as we click here that becomes our first point .

let's see here, we have click this and from here whatever portion I need to delete or I have to break I can do that ,let's see one more time ,I will undo these ,this time what we will do is, that as we give BR Enter and select an object , I don't have to delete it from here but I need to delete it from here then, I have an option available with us "First Point"so I will type F Enter you can see here an option has become available with us, where we need to specify from where do we need to break the line so we will select here and from here this becomes our second point ,

so we have two methods. wherever we will select or click that will become our first point so after selecting that object, the command that is shown here to specify our first point. we can even specify that option then after that, as I select the second option the whole portion from there gets deleted ,

Understood guys ! I hope you are paying attention here.

Let's see one more option like we have a circle available with us now I have to break a circle , for breaking a circle, I will use BR Enter.. as I will use this command, we can see that how much do we need to break, you can see the portion is deleted, you can see only this portion has been break because here the points which are there that means the Centre or Geometric Centre or Quadrant were set to ON, one more time we will use break command, BR enter.. So from here to here ,whatever portion I need to delete I can break it easily. (3 seconds pause)

One more time we will use, this time, we will use rectangle. okay.... so something like this has prepared a rectangle and will use the break command BR ENTER and then I have selected an object if I need to specify the first point then I will specify F.. ENTER then this is our First point then from here to here this portion has been deleted.


The second thing that we will learn here is JOIN , means if we have broken a line so we can join them as well, One more thing, the objects that I have prepared here, if I wish to group those objects or in a single unit or I want to represent them or to convert them so I can do all these things with Join Command let's see how?

I have broken this line. Now I want to join this line so I will go to J.. ENTER then I will select these two Objects and will press Enter so you can see that these lines have been joined again, let's see one more time J…ENTER then I will select this object and will ENTER, so you can see the sequence in which these lines were broken has been joined similarly.

We will Enter then (26 seconds pause ;cursor movement plus typing) here an object has been made, that's why ! if there is only one object, it will not be joined, let’s see one more time..J enter.. so you can see it is already an object and if we try to join them, we also have a condition, it joins only those objects or lines or breakpoints that are different from themselves, so these points that are exactly formed here to here, will not be connected as these are already joined,

you can see this circle from here to here, this is one unit, it will also not link as it is already joined, now this line, the line that we made that was in two parts so it has joined the line and turned it into one.

One more time let's see I have made a line here and I will break this line BR.. ENTER, from here to here I will break this line, so you can see this line is different from this line, so if these are in two different parts so it will join them by J ENTER so from here to here, I will select an object then will ENTER and you can see the line has been joined into one.


One more thing if I provide a connection from here to here (10 seconds pause: cursor dragging) double you can see these points or objects. These are three objects. now, if I join this with JOIN Command so it will turn up into one, (3 seconds pause ) so now you can see wherever we select the whole drawing will get selected, we learned this initially in the video so we learn to join command because if we break any line so we can join that again so these are the use of Beak and Join Command.

Okay guys ! I hope you are following me.

One more thing if we want to break this line but we don't want to delete this line as you can see when I use the break command the portion here gets deleted so I don't want to delete this line just to divide this into two parts so for that I have to select an option, and that option is, Break at Point as and when I select it, and click anywhere so this will be our Breakpoint. so you can see, this is also different and this one is also different and how will see that so we will move it from here a bit…. So this one is different as If I use only break command then the middle portion will get deleted and If I use Break at Point then, that single unit will break into two parts, that means a single unit will get divided into two like here the object or drawing is in a single unit.

And, if we use the modify option and use the Break at the point and select a point and object and here I have selected a point,

so here the object has been broken into two parts.

now if I want to break this object as well then I will use Break at the point and select an object and will select the points so here these lines have been divided,

Okay guys !

so here to break we have two options Break and Break at Point wherein break command, the middle portion will get deleted and in Break, at the point, the single unit is divided into two… and if we have broken any object so we can join that again with the help of join command and the shortcut command is J and the shortcut command for Break id BR and ENTER.

So, In today's video, we learned about how to break and what all methods are available with us to break and to join the broken portions.

So, I hope that you all will practice whatever object is available, if you want to break or join this then you can use this command.

If you have any queries or comments, click the discussion button below the video and post there. This way, you will be able to connect to fellow learners and discuss the course. Also, Our Team will try to solve your query.

In the next video, we will learn How to Delete Overlap Lines or Drawings that means, when we make a drawing or prepare a layout there, we make N number of drawings so there are small elements that we draw multiple times but, we aren't able to identify as they are placed one upon the other, so to delete those extra drawings, extra lines or extra objects so we will learn that in next video.

Thank You!

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