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How to prepare and insert Attributes In AutoCAD1

TOPIC: How to prepare and insert Attributes in AutoCAD1

Hello Friends.

Welcome to Learn Vern.

This side is (name) and I welcome you all to today’s video. So, in the last video, we learned about Annotative Style or Annotation. In today’s video, we will learn about Attributes in AutoCAD. So, let’s start discussing what things we should know about the Attributes.

So, Attributes that is when we make a drawing sheet, and then make the layout of any drawing, or we want a print of that layout. So, for there, like when we learn about Civil Engineering, and whatever drawing sheet we make, we draw a title block in a corner. So, for making title block, I have a command available in AutoCAD which is Attributes. So, when we use the command of Attributes, we will see that we don’t have to draw these things. That is whenever we prepare a layout of any drawing or we take a print out of any drawing, then we can make this block available over there automatically. Which means that I don’t have to draw or tag it every time. That is, our work will be easier and we can make this title block in very less time. There are many things that we have used as a student and there are also many things that are used by employees working in a company, insertion in block. So, let’s learn about the attributes command and how to use it.

So first, the title block I have available before, just like that I will make a title block over here also. But first I will check the units and the units available for the dimensions. So, for that, I will check “UN” + “Enter” and we can see that I have already selected the “Decimal” and the precision is zero “0” and whatever I insert meaning whatever command I use, for that I choose centimeters for that. Then “Okay”. For dimension, I will enter “D” and when I will go for Dimension, I will go to “Modify”, after going to Modify, I will choose Primary units and for that also, I set Decimal as a unit and in Precision, I have set zero “0”. Then the text height is 3 and the Arrow is also 3. And as per the lines, I have set it like this.


And then Okay. Then I will choose “Set Current” and then close. So, the block available with us was like this, so let’s make it like that. (7 seconds pause) So, I will make the “Ortho” on. (7 seconds pause) Okay? So, suppose I have this through which I can drag the point, So I can’t easily draw it because I have just started learning AutoCAD. So, I can make the line from here to here also. And then we will use “Extend Command” like “EX” and then I want to extend this till here, so, if I select this object, it will extend. Then we will use Trim so “TR” + “Space” + “Space” and then whatever drawing or whatever extra thing I need to remove, we just need to click on it. So, the pick point that is a pick box, we will take that and from there it will be deleted. Then we will make a central line over here. Okay? Then let’s check how our Title Block looks. So, we need one line, two lines in total we need three lines so, we can make one line over here. Then I can take its offset. So, for offset, I don’t have the dimension available right now. So, I will make the lines like this over here according to my requirement. Okay? ( 6 seconds pause) So, I will click “Enter” once again. And you can see that the line command whatever commands I have used till now, those commands will be available over here.

 Then I cannot offset this line because the dimensions are not available to me right now but if you work in a company, then the dimensions will be available to you, which will mention the size you have to give to the block. Then once again we will copy it.( 4 seconds pause) We will copy it once again and we will copy it downside, like this. (9 seconds pause ) Now you can see that it is available and whatever the extra line is, I just did “TR” + “Space” + “Space” and whatever line I selected will be removed. (15 seconds pause ; cursor movement) Now you can see that, now I also have the same title block available over here as this one. Now we will do “MT” + “Enter” which is Multi Text and why we will use that? We will use it because suppose if we use one single text, for example I will type here “TEX” so, if I insert this text over here, then we cannot change it like its style or its size, in that we can’t change it. Okay? So, there is a possibility where I need to change, so, for that, I will use “MT” + “Enter”. That is Multiline Text. Okay? Now we have taken this and then we will type “Company Name”, (typing, read slow) So I don’t want this style, so, I will choose Times New Roman and then I need to change its size also. So, I set 2 as the size. So, the size I want is 2, and then enter and then click outside. (4 seconds pause) Now you all can see that it is now done.


Now for the second time, the text over here that I have to edit, I will use “MT” for typing or if I choose this text-only and copy this over here, then this can also happen. There’s one more thing, the thing I have copied over here, when I copied this once, that command is turned off. So, if I want to go to that command and copy this object, then enter it, then here” Displacement Mode Multiple” so, if I do “M” + “Enter” then, with this point and i will turn the ortho off, so, you can see that with this point I can use it anywhere easily. Okay? So, here, the “Company Logo” is done, (6 seconds pause; typing) okay? Then here is “Checked By” and, I just need to simply click on it,... and then it will be changed. (5 seconds pause; typing) This will be “Checked By”.(4 seconds pause; typing) Then here is “Created By” So, I can edit this text because I have made this text with Multiline Text and here it will be “Approved By” Then here it is “Project Title”. (6 seconds pause; typing) When I double click on any text then you will see that it will be selected and whatever modification I want to give then, I can give. Here will be “Date of Submission” (read slow, typing) and here will be “Drawing Number.” Then here,(2 seconds pause) I can also write “DRG. Version”... So, if we submit two to three versions of that one drawing or create them, then we can also insert it here. Now what I have to do, the block I have made here, I have made this with a simple text.


So, Suppose the Company’s name that i have to insert, i will make it with the help of Attributes, so for that, I have to enter “ATT” + “Enter” and when I enter them, the first one is “Company Name” and here you don’t have to leave space here…. Then once again. In default also we will keep “Company Name”... and the things over here, let it be like this only. Okay? And the Annotative style that is we saw in it in our previous video, and if I “On” it then whatever scaling I change over here, then according to that the block will change its actual size to whatever I have given. Okay? So, I kept 2 for the text’s height and if I want to give Rotation then I can also give that. And then “okay”. And then I can apply this over here.

 So, this is now inserted,... then we will copy it and after copying it, I will select the base point but before that, I will go for Multiple Pace, then select the base point, Okay? So, the things over here. Okay? (17 seconds pause)

Now what I have to do is the commands which we have learned in our previous videos, those are Block Commands. So, if I want to make this drawing into Block that is if I want to save this drawing as a Block, so for that I will go for “B L O C K”, after going to block, I have to select the pick point so, I will select it and then I have to select the object, so, then I will click “Enter”. One more thing that you can see is that, if I want to keep its behavior Annotative, then I can also select that. And according to scale, I can set that uniformly there and should be visible in layout, i can do that as well. Then Exploding that is, if in the future there are some lines that I may want to be removed or some texts to be deleted, also I can select them from here. And when I will do “Okay”... I need to give a name over here that is “Title 1” and then “Okay”. After clicking on “Okay”, you all can see that these attributes I have added are now available. Okay?


 So, suppose I want to change the “Company Name” then I can do that. But before doing that, we will first see the changes I have made there like where the Company name is. So, the block has been made and we will undo, after doing undo, what company Name do I have to give?, so, I will give the Company Name over here.

(52 seconds pause, add engagements in equal intervals of time)

Now you can see that it has been selected and then in Company Logo, there is a “Tag” where I will give “L V” which we can use as a logo and suppose I need to move it so first I will move it. Then Created By, so I will write here “Ravi” and then “Okay” or over here, if I want to keep those things the same then I can…. Okay. So, here I am showing you multiple options that you can change whatever you want according to your requirements or even customize. So, if you work in any company or whatever drawing you make, then you can customize also. Then there is “Checked By” that is who checked it so, we will write here Senior engineer . So, I have written here Senior engineer. Then control (Ctrl) + C and then “Okay”( 6 seconds pause) Then “Approved By” and in “Approved By”, I have to write General Manager Okay? And then here also and I have to click on “okay”... Then “Project Title” and in “Project title” what will we write the title?

We will write “Attribute Practice'' and then I will copy this and here I will paste and the space should not be here because if there is a space between them then they will ask you once again to remove the space to save it. Then “Date of Submission” and here I will not put the date. Okay. I will explain to you all later why I will not put the date. So, the date I need to put in, I have deleted over here. Okay? Then drawing number so for drawing number we will write “1”; “1”; and “1” and then Okay. Then Drawing Version, so, inversion, it will be “1a”; “1a” then “okay”. Then I will move these objects a little. Okay? Now I want to make a Block. So, for making a block, after typing, I will select the base point, after selecting the base point, I will select the object and then “Enter”. Although I have to give the name “Title 1” as a rename. and then I pressed ok.

Now you can see that these things are now available. So, when I will do some changes, whatever those changes are, those will be edited and appear over here. So, if I change over here, “2a” and here “gm1”. And then “Okay”. Now you can see that over here that those changes are done. Now the block is made. So, suppose if we insert it over here, the block in insert will be automatically available over here. So, when I will insert it over here, they will ask me to put just the information that I want to edit. Okay? So, from here I can edit everything I want and when I will edit it, like here I will do “1”; “2”; “3”; “4”; “5”; “6”; “7”; and “8”. So, here I have randomly clicked and now you can see those changes I have applied are inserted over here.ok?


So, we can create a block, and then we can once again insert that block. So, if we go to insert once again and click on the box then I can add the things I want over here. Okay? So, the block name that is renamed, there you can also customize similarly the way i made changes, but what I have done there is the three options that were available to me, I have changed all of the three options. So, when I changed those three options, these options were similarly available to me. Okay? So, after clicking “Okay” meaning I have not made any changes so the drawing over there is similarly inserted over here. Okay? Then there is one more thing, suppose I am working on another drawing sheet, this option will not be available there. So, if the option is not available then what we can do? In the previous videos, we learned that one option is Block and another one is Write Block. So, what can we do with the Write Block is, (4 seconds pause) we will type “WB” okay? After going in Write, we need to pick. What do we need to pick? We need to pick our final title block. After selecting our object, we need to enter. So, after we click “Enter”, we can either do “Retain” or ‘Convert to Block” or “deleting from drawing” that is we all have learned about options before only. Then where we need to save this file? We will save our file on Desktop and Desktop we will name it as, “New Block” and then “save”.


 Then the unit is in “Centimetres” and if you want to change that then you can. And then “Okay” and “yes”. Okay? So, suppose that in this drawing, and this is the block which was not available, and I want to insert in once again so I will go to insert and type from here “I” + “enter” and then if I browse from here, after going to desktop, and then open the “new block” that we saved just now, okay? And if I want to change the scaling from there then also with rotation, or need some change in the unit and insert the factor with the unit or the block which I want it to be available in an exploding way that is whatever properties it has or the text inserted in it, can be available with me separately. So, I can explode it also. Okay? Then if I want to, that is, its pick point or its base point, so if I have them then I can insert them, or else whenever I click, the block will be inserted. Then “Okay”. Now you can see that on whichever point I click on, the block is available. Okay? So, like this, we can use the Attributes. Let’s see it once again about how we can make Attributes.


So, once again we will make a small block where we can practice how to create attributes… I will “Enter” again like this. Then I need to take the text that is “MT” + “Enter”, After entering it, I need to specify the first corner and the second corner. So, I will enter here, “Sheet Number and then I will select it and insert and whatever style I want and I will select whatever size I want according to it. Then I will select it and I can move it also. Okay? Then I need to copy so “CO” + “Enter” and then I need to copy multiple so “M” + “Enter” Then select the base point, and here it is copied. Okay? So, now I need to insert sheet no., so when I insert in Sheet no. so, I can do it with “MT” but here I need to prepare Attributes so, for that, I will type “ATT” + “Enter”. So, the tag I need to give is, the sheet no. is “No.1” Okay? Here also we will write “No.-1”.... Then whatever annotative or any other options you need, you can take like you can take text height, which we will keep as 5. And then “Okay”. And then you can see that it is placed over here. And then I will also copy it but before that, we will move this first towards up so that we can have some space. And then we need to copy this “CO” + “Enter” and for multiple “M Enter” and then select its base point. And then we need to make this block. “BLOCK” + “Enter” and then select the base point or pick point, then select the object, so, I have this object. Then whatever things you need to customize or modify then you can do it. So, if I want to make its link then I can also make that. And here I need to give a number so “title 2” Okay?... SO, like this, I can prepare it…. And then “Okay”. Then here you can see that the block number, whatever things I have inserted is now available over here. So, the rename which I kept were “No-1”, all those are shown over here. Okay? So, we will see it once again, we will go control (ctrl) + Z for undo. Then we can also edit it from here. For edit, we double clicked on it. SHEET No., we can edit all these things over here,... Date,... then Name and Sign,.... sheet number is number one, in date, I will not insert anything for now. …In name and sign, I will edit…. Okay

If you have any queries or comments, click the discussion button below the video and post there. This way, you will be able to connect to fellow learners and discuss the course. Also, Our Team will try to solve your query.

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