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How to Insert, Use and Modify Text Window, Expert Mode & Calculator

Hello friends.

Welcome to Learn Vern.

I am (name) and I Welcome you all to today’s video.

In the last video, we learned about group and ungroup.

In today’s video, we will learn about the text window, expert mode, and calculator.

Before starting with today’s video, let me tell you 2 things. So as we saw about group and ungroup in the last video, here I want to tell you the difference between group and join. We used the join command in the video of modification tools. So what was the join command? As you can see these lines are single and separate which means this object consists of many different lines. If I select these lines and type J and press enter, these lines have now become a single continuous line. Okay.

One more thing (5 seconds gap) if I select this line here, again this line is made up of different lines, so this object also contains 3 different lines from the starting point to endpoint, if I select this line too, and type J and enter, as you can see this line is now a single line from starting to end which means if I select this line, the whole object will be selected.

So what I am trying to explain is suppose if I have a layout or object like this, and one more object here and one more object here,... okay. So now I will explain the difference between group and join. Suppose I am using the join command here, I will type J and press enter and then I am selecting all these lines and press enter again. As soon as I used the join command, all the lines were selected separately because the starting and endpoint are different for all the lines. Okay. So now what is a group? Here I have removed the join command with control+z that is undo. Now I will use the command group which is G and enter. And then I will select all of these objects and press enter. As soon as I click on any line, all the lines will be selected which means with group command, when we enter/select/insert all the objects in our selection window, the whole object will become a single unit and when we move or modify, it will be applied to the whole object. But when we use any command with join, I will ungroup this first so UNG and enter. So now this is ungrouped. As I will use the join command again, J+enter and enter once again, and if I want to move these lines, I will have to select them separately, so this is the difference between join and group where a unit is formed but with one specific line with join command, and the other line bisecting it will as a separate unit, and the third line that is bisecting the other 2 lines will be as a separate unit, whereas in the group command all the object that is inserted in the selection window will become as one unit. So these were the 2 things that I wanted to clear out.

So the first topic for today is the text window. It means that whatever command I have entered till now in this command line, I can see them all. To open the text window, we have to press F2. As soon as I press F2, there will be a window where I can see all the commands that I have used till now and the modifications I have made with that command. Okay. I can also copy these commands if I want to make a file where I want to see all the commands that I have used while preparing my drawing. Okay.

One more thing, suppose the command line is removed from here or deleted by mistake and not visible, you can easily insert it from tools here or press control plus 9. We can also modify the size of the command line like increasing or decreasing the size, you can also move. This means you can change the command line as per your requirement. And when I press F2, there is a window where I can see all the commands that I have used to make my drawing. Okay. So F2 is the shortcut key for the text window.

We will learn one more thing today which is the expert mode. Expert mode means Suppose I am using a laptop and I know the shortcut key for all the tools and commands here or If I have a lot of practice and I can operate all the tools and commands using the shortcut keys through my keyboard and if I want a full screen, so for the fullscreen we have an option here that is the expert mode. To turn on the expert mode I will press control and zero. okay. So CTRL+0. So here all the options and tools I had on my screen are hidden and my workspace is bigger now. So this was the expert mode. If I press CTRL+0 again, all the tools, commands, and options will be visible on the screen here.

We will learn one more thing today which is the calculator. Whenever I am preparing a layout or a drawing and I want to do some basic calculations or scientific calculations, you don’t need to use the calculator from your device like from your PC or tab or mobile device because Autocad software has the facility of an inbuilt calculator. To use the calculator we have to type QC and press enter. As soon as you type QC and enter, here the calculator is available to us where you can easily customize any mode or enter any units or variables or unit conversion or use scientific cal-c. Okay.

In today's video, we learned about what the text window is, how we can use the calculator, and what is expert mode.

So in today's video, we learned about the text window, how to turn on the expert mode and how we can use the calculator.

In the next video, we will learn about block, write block, and design center.

I hope you all will practice the tools that we learned today which are text window, expert mode, and calculator. How to turn them on or how to operate them. During your practice If you have any queries or comments, click the discussion button below the video and post there. This way, you will be able to connect to fellow learners and discuss the course. Also, Our Team will try to solve your query.

Thank you.

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