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Use of Point (Mark) In Autocad to indicate the specific location or to Divide the Object in Numbers of Parts

TOPIC: Use of Point (Mark) In Autocad to indicate the specific location or to Divide the Object in Numbers of Parts

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This side is (name) and I welcome you all to today’s video. In the last video, we learned how to measure Area and volume where we took different objects with different shapes and also areas, volume, and measured some dimensions. In today’s video, we will learn about pointing where we will see these options – single point, multiple points, divide, and measure. So, let’s start today’s video and learn about a point.

So, what is the point in AutoCAD? Point is that suppose I want to make any things or object to specifically highlight, so, for that I will use point. So, a point is a type of marking. So, for marking we use point. Okay? If I want to use point then I have to “PO” + “Enter”. After typing that you can see that, as I will click here, I have this dot available now. Okay? So, this dot is the point. We will see once again. “PO” + “Enter”. Okay? After “PO” + “Enter”, you can see that these points are now available. I am pressing enter here, what happens when we press enter, as we saw and practiced in the previous videos, whatever was my last command available, if i wish to turn on the last command, we need to press enter so, by pressing enter the last command will be available. So, here our command was the point. Okay? So, these points are now available to me. Right now these points look like dots, that is its formation is in dots… For example, I have a line available; I will press F8, with that my ortho will be on. Suppose I have a line available here that is I have drawn a line over here and I want to represent or show its endpoint, mid-point, and this endpoint. So, here I can use point. For point “PO” + “Enter”, one point here. Once again “PO” + “Enter” and once again “PO” + “Enter”. Here I have entered the three points but right now the point type is normal type, that is the default is set here. To change that, I have to type here “PTY” + “Enter”. After entering that, point style will be available. So, right now you can see that the style is default or normal. I can select any style here. Okay? Then according to that, it will be shown. Then here I can change the point size also that is in how much percent I want. With that percentage, I have two more options available

  • “Set size relative to screen” that is the model space available, the limit we have set, according to that the size will be set.
  • “Set the size in absolute units” that is the unit we are working on, according to that it will be changed.

So, whatever options we choose, the size will be changed according to that.


Like right now it is “Set size relative to screen” so, this has come in percentage. That is the screen available here is 5 percent or “Set size in absolute unit” that is the unit going on right now, according to that the size is 5. Okay? So, first, we will see this option, click ok?

You can see that the points I have selected are now available. Okay? Then we can use this line that is like I want to do an extension of this line is perpendicular or any other direction. So, I can show that here. We will see each other once again. “PTY” + “Enter” and this time we will see the second option, then okay. So, you can see that the unit right now is a meter. So, the digit over there was 5 and now it is 5 meters. So, according to this the points we can see here are converted into meters. Okay? So, the size of all the points is 5 meters. Okay?

So, we will change this once again, and if I enter here 0.5 and then okay and then you can see that it is now 0.5. We will see each other once again. “PTY” + “Enter”, 0 point 01, and okay. You can see that the size is now normal. Okay? Once again “PTY” + “Enter” and size as per the screen and it will be set in percentage. Okay? So, here we have seen how we can use a point. So, this method was the first one which was a single point. Suppose I want to make these points multiple here. Like I want to give a point here so, I will “PO” + “Enter” here, and giving one point the command will be off. If I have to give another time then I have to “PO” + “Enter”. So, here the option of multiple points is also available. So, here we have seen that when I was inserting the points here, at a time there was only one point being inserted. So, if I require to insert many points here, for that I have to go for multiple points. So, for multiple points, we have this option available in draw tools. So, this is multiple points. So, I will click upon it, and wherever I click them the points will be available. Okay?


So, if you require to enter many points then you can select multiple points. Okay? There is another thing that when you enter a point, an object that is the line we took here if you want to take points on it then you can see here, we learned about it. But a specific point, that is you have a dimension available that you want X this much and Y this much, so, you can enter this option also. For example, if I want a point in the X direction, so, that will be 10 and in the Y direction, you want 10 and enter. So, you can see that this point is also available. So, I will click upon it, so, its point is exactly on X and Y ‘s 10 - 10, coordinates. Okay? So, this option is also available. In point, we have two to three options available. Suppose if we want to divide any line or we want to divide any object, we can also do that as well. One more option will come is the measure. So, we will know the difference between measures and divides.


So, suppose I have this line available. Okay? And I want to divide this line into equal parts. Okay? So, if I want to divide it into equal parts then I will use the Divide command. And If i wish the spacing should be exactly of a specific unit, with that unit, divide the whole line. So, this was the difference between measures and divide. So, let’s see it with practice.

So, this is a line here. So, I have copied this line from here to here… Okay? So, we will use two commands on this line only. So, the first is divided and the second one is measured.

So, to use divide, I have this option available or I can type as well “DIV” + “Enter”... Now I have to select which objects I have to divide. So, the object is selected. Now I have to enter the number, that is, in how many parts I want to divide this. So, the parts I want are 6 parts. So, I will do 6 and enter. So, you can see 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, so, this whole line is divided into 6 parts. Okay?

Now we will learn the second facility which is the measure. So, for using the measuring facility I have this option available which is a measure or I can type here as well “MEA” + “Enter”. I have to divide this thing into a specific distance, so I have to select that. Then I have to give length here which is the distance between the segment and the part. So, suppose I give here 0.2 and enter. You can see here that this line is exactly divided into 0.2. Now we will check with dimensions. So, for checking it with dimensions, I have made two lines here because our model space or the working space is very small, that’s why I had to take two lines here. No, we will measure the distance between these two lines because we require that the segment we prepare, that is the distance between the two points should be 0.2. So, we will go to dimension, and then linear, then distance between this line to this line, we can see the distance and the distance is 0.2. So according to that here, from the start to the endpoint of this line, which means from the beginning to finish, the number of point is like this, between two points - 0.2, 0.2, 0.2 and the same segments are prepared. Okay?

So, like this, we can use measures. We will see another thing, that is, I require to make a spiral staircase. So, first I will make these all geometries available. Okay? So, here I have to make a staircase and for making a staircase, what we did here was that we selected the object and there was a line so, we have divided the line. So, if my requirement is that, I have this a segment of numbers, like I want to divide this into 8 segments, divided into 12 segments, so, by giving the numbers you can see that the points will be available here. So, for that I will go, divide, and I want to divide this object, the number I have to give is 10 numbers and then enter.


 So, you can see that these points are available at the same distance now. I will go once again to draw, then divide, and I want to divide this object in 10 once again. Okay?

Now what I have to do is that I have to use line command, and with that, I will switch off F8 which means the ortho will be off. Okay? We will connect this, like this. Okay? (45 seconds pause) So, suppose I want a spiral staircase here, so, for that, I will delete this portion. For that I will use “TR” + “double space” or two times enter and I have deleted this segment. Now what I have to do is to make this staircase available in its actual shape or drawing now. So, for that, I have to delete the points over here. So, here are two methods. Either you can select these points one by one, okay? And then delete them or you can select one point, and then right-click, and here it will be select similar.

 So, by selecting similar, whatever the points are, they will be selected and then delete all of them together. So, this is the use of points. So, the command we used here was a divide. This divided command with this circular is used when we make this staircase or when we prepare this type of shape. Okay? One more time we will make the points available so, that I can show you all once again. So, what we did here was that we have drawn single points. Then we have drawn multiple points. Then we have shown the midpoint and the ending point by using point. Then we took a line and divided it into equal parts and equal segments. So, with that into equal segments, point have been divided by the number. Then what we have done is that we have given a specific distance to divide and the distance between the segments and distance should be 0.2. Okay? So, with 0.02, we have divided the whole line. So, here, there are many available points. With the distance reference. Then we have made two circles with the same centers, and the use of points we did here was to prepare a staircase or to prepare shapes like this, where this type of command is used. So, there also I can use points.

So, in today’s video, we learned about pointing where we learned these options – single point, multiple points, divide, and measure. In the next video, we will learn about how to break and join the objects.

So, I hope whatever we learned today was understandable and you all will practice it and if you have any queries or comments, click the discussion button below the video and post there. This way, you will be able to connect to fellow learners and discuss the course. Also, Our Team will try to solve your query.

Thank You.

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