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How to Use Modification Command - Scale & Stretch

TOPIC: How to Use Modification Command- Scale & Stretch

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I Ravi welcome you all to today's video, in the last video we learned about Modification Tools trim extend and align. In today's video, we learned about Scala and Stretch so let's learn about scale and stretch.

So today we are about to learn about scale and stretch. Like in the modification tool we have two options available to us, the first one is Stretch and beside it we have scale, so let's first learn where we use scale and stretch. Like we have an object available with us ,a line is available with us (Pause for 5 sec)

the line's dimension ,(Pause for 10 sec) the line that i am drawing there the Ortho was off so my line was not drawn straight ,now i will drawn a line and will press enter on three meters ,so you can see here the line is exactly drawn of three meters,like we have an object and i have to stretch from here or from here or from here in order to make it larger or smaller, for that I will use stretch command, so with stretch command we can make any object smaller or bigger, so how is this stretch object used and how can we apply the stretch command ,so this we will learn today let's see like I have a line available of three meters and so we have a shape available with us that is three by three that means a square is available with us so we will stretch command like this line and its dimension is three meters so if i want this dimensions to be five meters that means from here or from here or from middle i have to stretch it by two meters ,so let's see how we can do it,so firstly we will go to stretch command then I will take a selection window and then I will have to specify a point ....okay... and with point I will enter value two and enter so you can see that I can use this stretch command here as well,one thing we will see that if i here, directly select and object and take stretch command and enter value here like here I took specific point and then i took Two and enter so we can use this way as well ...okay.... one more thing we have to see here the shape that is available with us of three by three and I want to stretch it bigger so i will go back again on stretch command and will click on selection window so when we use selection window so we need to take care of when we select any object for stretching purpose so that should be exactly entered in the window that means that full object should be inserted within it or if here you select like this then only this point will only be stretched like here window that I took I will take it one more time and select window that means this point had only been inserted in that window okay and then I will do enter and from here I will specify ,so you can see that the stretching that is happening is only happening if that particular point ,so we have to take care of that whenever we use stretch command ,from whatever point we have to stretch it ,both the points or all the points should be within that window ...okay....then I will do enter and then I will take a value and you can see I can do stretching here I entered a value that of two meters I have to stretch it so from here I can easily stretch it. (Pause for 3 sec)

 One more thing is there that we will learn in this video that is Scale, so what is Scale?... Scale is also used to make any object smaller or bigger where we insert a value that is the scale factor, that means the drawing that is available with us the size of whose three by Five…

The dimension whcich is here is of three by five, so now the object which is here I have to half it exactly that means the side which is here I want it two points five2.5 and one point five(1.5), so for that, we can use scale command so let's see scale, so here we have selected an object and thenI will do enter then I will have to specify a base point,so with that object, I have use multiplication factor to either half or double it or make it ten times bigger that means whichever multiple factors I use here,which means If I use ten then it will become ten times bigger or if we use one half then it would exactly become smaller or half,so here this thing which is displaying in the bottom specify scale factor ...okay here we will insert 0.5 enter, so you can see the object that was here has exactly turned up half more thing is here like I select scale then I selected the object then I enter it then I to specify a base point or a fix point ,so again we will go here and you can see at the bottom we have two options available with us.. Copy and Reference ,so if I select Copy which means… C and enter so an object will be ready here that would be available with us with multiplication factor and the basic object or our default drawing that we will modify with scale factor ,so that object would also be available with us like If I enter value.. two and enter so you can see the old object that was available with us that is also available and the new object that was drawn with the help of scale factor is also available...okay... so with the help of these we can make use of scale and stretch.

One more thing like… I have a line and that line is of (Pause of 5 sec) two meters and enter and here we see in dimensions, in linear … two I want this line to be of nine meters or seventeen meters so now I will use a scale but there I don't have any specific scale factor and for that how do I use scale factor? like this is the line and I have to specify its base point or fixed point then we don't have a multiplication factor available with us because my desire length is seventeen which means an equation will be created that this line which is two meters now I will multiply it with how many such that the line becomes of seventeen meters so for that our multiplication that would be there is seventeen by two ...oaky... so here the scale factor which we have we will enter seventeen by two and enter, so you can see that line has become of seventeen meters ..okay... so like this we can make use of scale factor, so this stretch command or scale command we will use this to make any drawing insert in a perfect shape or suppose we have a window or a layout available and within that, we can use it set an object as well …

one more time we will see like here we have an object available,a circle and a rectangle .., neither I know the dimension of rectangle nor I know the dimension of circle.. but I have to enter this circle exactly in the center so you can see that would be out a bit but my requirement is that this circle should be exactly in this center or fill it exactly within it.. so for that I have a facility that is scale with scale we can insert any drawing in desired output or shape like here I have selected a scale then I an object now I will do enter then I will have to give a basepoint ,then after giving base point I have to g to reference,because this is my reference.. ,so I will to reference which means R enter.. then I have to specify from.. where to where the object i have to make changes with scale...okay.. so then I will go to points.. that I can see at the bottom Point P enter ,so as I do P enter , I have to specify first point then.. second point so you can see If I move this object.. so that would exactly…. be set there,,you can see..okay …

so if we don't have the dimensions available of any object ,and want to insert any object so we can make us within any object so we can make use of scale.

So, In today's video we learned about scale and stretch, the next video we will see about Text, …where we will explore multiline text and single-line text.

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