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How to Insert Dynamic Door and How to Customized It

 TOPIC: How to use Array Style path in AUTOCAD.

One more option is available with us that is Align, for Align I will draw a path to show and like I use SP-line, something like this, (15 seconds pause) and upon that I will draw an object here (10 seconds pause) and I will rotate it a bit like this (30 seconds pause) Okay (5 seconds pause) so now what do I have to do is, the object available with us, I will do an array of it with path and style, so as I do selection upon that, I will go to AR then Enter and then I will select the path and as I select a path you can see it has become available. Now here what is Align Items, now here the object which is available in this shape and direction, when we copy every object becomes available in that same particular shape and direction, now if I do align-items then it will change its direction according to the path that is selected and the direction of the path regarding that will get copied here, so this is aligned.

One more thing is there, like, I will draw one more SPline here, SPL and Enter that means the special line that I will draw and will enter, then I will draw a circle something like this, then what will I do if I have to do array, but my requirement is whatever things we have prepared with Array, each of them have a similarity that every object is on single plain which means it is getting set exactly parallel to this path, so now if I have to do array and along with my requirement is that the path I have set, exactly perpendicular to it that means let's take for example the whole shape of a pipe, according to that it should get a copy there and according to that it should get modified as per the array, so for that also we have an option available, so let me first show you what changes are we going to do, so you can see that whatsoever array style we use, all these are getting copied in the level we are working upon and within X and Y direction.


That means the array is happening, so now what my requirement is? The circle drawn here should be exactly drawn here in this path with the same array but its position shouldn't be in that plain rather it should be set in the perpendicular direction, so how do we do that? Let's see. ( 5 seconds pause) So what do we here need to do ,we will select an option then AR plus Enter then I will select path ,here I will select path and here we have option of Tangent Direction and the same option is available here as well, so I will select upon that then I have to specify "Specify the first point of Tangent Direction Vector” ,so let if thats not available with us,so I will straightaway go to Normal and for Normal I have to type here N and ENTER, as and when I press ENTER you can see the array is done and if we view it in 3D ,so you can see it has been set something like this .Okay!.something like this , so It will exactly there will be array from the center and its position is exactly perpendicular to this path ,so this option is also within the Array.

Then Measure ,Basepoint,all these things we have learned and then if we wish to edit it, we can even do that as we learned it then if we want to replace this circle we can do that as well as we learnt that as well in our last video ,we can close it here as well or if we escape it we will exit and will return to Top view…okay,so all these options and modifications are available within these array style. So in today’s video, we learned about Array Style where the third and last style that was Path array we learned that.

 I hope you all will practice this and while practicing If you have any queries or comments, click the discussion button below the video and post there. This way, you will be able to connect to fellow learners and discuss the course. Also, Our Team will try to solve your query.

In the next video, we will learn about Dynamic Objects. That means within AUTOCAD, we will learn to dynamically represent objects like Doors, windows, cars and draw them as well. That means we change their direction and can modify it so we will learn that in our next video. Thank you.

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