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Preparation of 1-BHK Plan with Different Layers and Setting In Layout

TOPIC: Preparation of 1-BHK Plan with Different Layers and Setting In Layout

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This side is (name) and I welcome you all to today’s video. So, in the last video, we learned about Attributes in AutoCAD. In today’s video, we will learn about the preparation of the 1BHK plan. Here we will use different layers, use different commands, use their shortcut keys, and many other things which we will be placing here. So, let’s learn a simple 1 BHK Plan with different layers.

So, before I start my work in AutoCAD, I have told you all that we will check two things. Those two things are units and limits. In units there are two more things, one is, the unit in which we work, that is our working unit for that we will type “UN” + “Enter” and from here we can set the unit and right now I want to work in decimal, then from here meters, then okay. Then the second unit is in dimension so, for that, I will enter “D” + “Enter”, then from here modify, then primary units, this is decimal only so, I will not change this, then a point after decimal here or two points after the decimal. Then according to my requirement, I will change here. So, I will add here meter as a suffix then it will be written here. Then I will make the text’s height a little bigger, which will be 0 point 5. I have added 0.5 which will be exactly 0.5 meters. So, even if it becomes a lot bigger, we can come back here and make it smaller. So, I will apply the changes. Then whatever changes you want to apply, you can do according to your customization, if you want alternate units then you can also have that, if you want tolerance then you can set that also. Okay? Then here I will do okay and then here I have to do set current. That is whatever work I am doing in the model, here all these changes of the dimensions will be applied. So, we have done the first set, the second setting is off-limits.


So, for limits, we will see how much space is available for us. So, suppose this space is available for us, that is 7 meters of space is available. So, the space I want to make available is as per my plan of layout. So, suppose the dimension of my plan, that is a specific digit that is the dimension X and the dimension Y, although I have a plan prepared here. So, in that plan I will see my requirement of 1 meter 3-meter 5 meter that is around 6 meter is my requirement for X dimension and Y Dimension, it is around 7 meters. So, according to this, 6 by 7 spacing should be available here. So, this spacing was 7 and this spacing is 17. So, inside this our drawing will easily be inserted but we will set the limit so, that you all can see how you can set a limit. So, here I will do 0 comma 0 and then enter, this was one of my corner points. The second corner point I have to give is 10 comma 10 that is I have set the 10 by 10 meters limit. So, I will check once again and you can see that those dimensions are available with me. This means that I have to “Zoom” + “Enter” “All” + “Enter”, I have to do these things. So, here you can see that the space of 10 meters is now available from here till there and if you see this side then the space available is more than 10. So, according to my requirement, I will set the limit and then I will click ‘zoom all’, so that the space I have defined here, that defined space will be available here. So, let’s draw the plan and to draw that I have a plan available with me where I will draw this line from here. (14 seconds pause) And I want to draw the line straight so, I will keep the ortho on and the line I want exactly is 5 meters. Okay? Then one more line. Either I can do “L” + “Enter” or the line that I want here should be 1.2 meter, 3 meter, so, 6 meters. Then what I will do is that I will make a wall here. So, for the wall I will do offset, then after going to offset I have to define it, suppose my wall is 30 cm then I will do 0.3 and enter. Okay?...


Then you can see that the wall is ready. Then from here, I have an internal dimension available. (17 seconds pause) So, my plan is almost made like this. Here I need to rearrange the lines. So, according to that, I will do. Then I have to take offset “O” + “Enter” and the offset I want is 1.2 and then enter like this. Then once again I need to draw a wall and the size I have for this wall is 0.2, so, I will go “O” + “Enter” 0.2 enter. Okay? So, I can select the wall from here. Then the box I will make here will be the toilet box. for that I have the dimension available in vertical which is 2.1. so, once again “O” + “Enter” 2.1 enter, from here to here. Okay? I will take offset once again of 0.2 enter, from here to here. So, like this, my lines have been prepared.

 Now I have to delete this part. So, I have chosen trim and deleted this from here. Okay? So, the extra part, “TR” + “double space” or “double enter” and these lines will be deleted. Okay? So, right now I will keep this like this only because I can do the customization according to the exactly prepared plan. Then I need an offset of this line so, I will go back to offset and the dimension on this side is 3.1 enter. So I will give 3.1 enter. You can see that this is ready. Then once again I will take offset, my external wall is prepared, so, for external wall 0.3 is the dimension. So, I will set this here. Okay? Then what I have to do is that I need to take an offset exactly from here… An offset of this line, Okay? So, I will go to this line, select offset and the dimension I want is 2.2 Enter,... okay and there also i have an external wall ,so i will go to offset ,okay, and specify how much distance do we need ,so its external wall so 0.3 enter ,from here to here okay then here i have to extend this line till here so i will go to (9 seconds pause),here, i have selected and type EX enter ,okay so you can see that this line has been extended ,so if i have to extend here then i will do enter ,so and whichever line i have to extend ,i will select that so you can see that these lines have been extended, now these lines i have to trim and for that i will enter TR enter then double tab enter or did double tab space so whichever lines i have to remove i have selected them now i have to take one more offset ….,because the room size that i want for that size i have to draw a line ,so here how many lines should i draw that means how much distance should i keep so for that I will use offset ,okay?


So for that dimension i will go to O enter,(6 seconds pause) then i have to specify How much is the distance so for specifying distance I have a dimension 2.55 enter from here to here ,okay, and then i have to take a wall and the size of that wall i will keep as… space 0.2… enter from here to here and this extra part we will first remove it, so something like this our wall is prepared and from here one more offset i have to take and its dimension 2.4 so is O (alphabet o) space 2.4 enter from here to here ,okay, now this line i will extend a bit because ,now i will go for one more offset O enter ,how many offset do i need ,now i need external wall that means 0.3 enter so here, now what i have to do is i have to extend ,for extend i will go to EX enter,till where ,till here then i will go to enter ,so whichever lines i will select those lines will be extended , now i have done TR which means i have to trim, enter, so we did the trim so something like this, you can use these commands , here i have to make a wall for that i will go to offset O enter 0.3 enter from here to here and EX ,that means i have to extend line till here ,this i have selected and enter and it has been extended ,so i did trim and these lines have been trimmed so something like this ,my Plan has been ready so you can see ,so here i will enter EX till here i want extension or this line i will stretch a bit then here extend ,till here we have to extend , can see something like this i have prepared my plan now here there are a few things that i will be providing so the first one is Doors, so for Doors i will go to and set offset so for setting offset i will go “O” enter how many offset do i need to set so i have to set offset of 1 meter or 0.9 enter from here to here ,okay, one more time i have to set offset so for setting offset or i have to draw a circle because ,for Circle this is my Center and then i will draw a line so L enter from here to here i have drawn a line and i will set offset to this line ,so “O” enter 0.05 offset ,something like this ,and we will remove the extra line something like this so our Door is ready.


(17 seconds pause) EX enter till here I have to do, did enter and extended this line, okay, so here I have prepared a Door so I can make a Door, a set also, such that I can make use of that Door afterwards as well and let's see here how many things get selected, so here I have selected and will copy this as our base point, where do we need to place so we have to exactly place it here but we have to place its mirror, okay, so first we will do this so here I have placed it,.... one more time I will select it and I have to set its mirror so for the mirror, ( 10 seconds pause) so you can see something like this our mirror is preparing, ( 17 seconds pause) okay, so here your mirror is ready so from here I have to pick it up and move it, for moving here is our base point and from here to here I will move it, okay?

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