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I'll go through the three different types of emails you should send to your subscribers on a regular basis: transactional, broadcast, and triggered emails. Transactional emails are sent out after you check out or make another purchase.

Email cyber forensics is the process of analyzing emails for evidence of cybercrime. A site like has a list of tools that will help those who are trying to do this with the use of email content, metadata and sender/recipient analysis Email cyberheists, data breaches, and fraud are cases where sensitive information is exposed. They happen in the wake of increasing digitalization and time spent on emailing activities has increased tenfold in last decade. This process is important because it helps uncover criminal activity and react accordingly.

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  • Emails with useful information. Informational emails are short and usually do not compel the
  • subscriber to take any action.
  • Emails with educational content.
  • Emails for Lead Nurturing.
  • Emails that promote products or services.
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Cyber forensics are the analysis of digital evidence that has been collected by law enforcement

Examples of what email cyber forensics can be used for:

  • Analysing email content to identify fraudulent activities
  • Identifying the history of emails and how they were created and sent; such as when, from whom, on which account etc.

In order to understand the differences between a cyber forensics investigation and a forensic analysis, one must first understand what the two terms mean.
A cyber forensics investigation is defined as an activity that is conducted by law enforcement or intelligence agencies to assess the nature of computer-related crime in order to identify, locate, and apprehend those responsible. A forensic analysis, on the other hand, focuses on evaluating data gathered from computer systems in order to derive conclusions about how they were compromised and/or with what tools.
What are some examples of how this process can be achieved? One way would be through an examination of web logs. Logs are records of activity within a system (such as an email server) that include timestamps and IP addresses for user actions.

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