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  • Servers for webmail (web-based email). Most users are familiar with this form of email.
  • SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) servers. The industry-standard mechanism for sending emails is Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP).
  • IMAP Email Servers are a type of email server that allows you to send and receive
  • POP3 Servers are a type of email server that allows you to send and receive

In this section, you will learn about the various configuration options available in your email client:

  • Email clients are a mix between a personal and professional tool. They are commonly used for personal correspondence but there are some which can be used for business communication as well. While there is no one best email client for everyone, we have made an unbiased list of the most popular email clients around.
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Email client configuration can be a confusing subject to some people.

It is important to know how they work, what they are and how they are used. It is also important to know that these email clients have different features depending on the programming language it is written in. Each one of these features has its own UI and API which makes them very different from each other. The motivations and goals behind each of these features will also be different which makes it easier for experienced developers to develop applications that work with specific email client configurations or kinds of email clients.

Email clients empower the users to send their emails without ever having to visit a website. Email clients are incredibly useful when you want to send a message from home or on the go.

Email delivery is what happens when email is sent from one email client and delivered by another email client like Outlook or Windows Live Messenger. Typically, deliver for Outlook is not that great but with implementations like Sendbox and Sparrow, there are some good options for delivering emails from other platforms.

Email clients are very diverse in terms of the features and capabilities. This article will discuss about different types of email clients and their pros and cons. A client-focused approach to email marketing is a good way to increase productivity, improve brand awareness, and provide accurate customer service. One of the best ways to retain your email list is through client-focused outreach.

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