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Computer forensics is a branch of technology that employs investigative techniques to locate and store data from computers. Computer forensics is frequently used to unearth evidence that could be used in court. Computer forensics also includes aspects that are not related to investigations.

The activity of legally gathering, processing, evaluating, and conserving digital evidence of criminality is known as digital forensics, often known as computer or cyber forensics. It also encompasses the presentation of such evidence in a civil or criminal court setting.

A computer forensic examination is used to recover data from machines that have been seized as evidence in criminal cases. Experts review evidence that could be submitted in court during proceedings in a systematic manner.

The validation of all gear and software, to guarantee that they perform properly, is the initial stage in any forensic process. This procedure presupposes that law enforcement has previously collected the data and developed a forensic picture using proper legal procedures.

Computer forensics is also crucial since it can help your company save money. From a technological aspect, computer forensics' major purpose is to locate, gather, preserve, and analyse data in such a way that the evidence obtained is preserved and may be used effectively in a legal case.

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